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New for the 2021–2022 School Year


i-Ready Is Improving to Help Your Students Achieve Ambitious Goals

Explore how our latest updates will help you address unfinished learning and support all students with engaging instruction.

Get Deeper Insights into Students' Learning

Support your students with tools that provide more precise understanding of students’ instructional needs.

Evaluate Student Understanding of Standards
With the introduction of teacher-assigned Standards Mastery, teachers can measure students’ understanding of grade-level standards and get instructional supports to address next steps.

Gain More Precise Insight to Guide Instruction
With 5-Level Placements by domain, you can better understand the level of support your students need in a specific domain and more easily see progress throughout the year.

Identify Opportunities to Support Student Groups
Understand the impact of unfinished learning on different student groups with improvements to demographic filters that allow administrators to view simpler reporting on racial and ethnic data.

Engage Students in Grade-Level Work

Empower teachers with resources that engage all students in grade-level content, with instructional strategies informed by i-Ready data.

Help Students Access Grade-Level Reading
Prepare all learners to access upcoming grade-level reading instruction with the enhanced Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension.

Address Prerequisite Skills in Mathematics
Identify which skills to focus on when preparing students for core mathematics instruction with the Prerequisites report.

Access Magnetic Reading Directly on the Teacher Toolbox
Access high-quality instructional materials from Magnetic Reading, a new reading comprehension program for students in Grades 3–5. (Exceptions apply.)

Plan Grade-Level Reading Lessons
Prepare students for their lessons in Magnetic Reading with the Grade-Level Scaffolding report, which provides resources to scaffold grade-level texts and recommends reading pairs. (Exceptions apply.)

Motivate Students with New Instruction

Encourage your students to build their skills and promote productive struggle.

Building with Equity in Mind
We are expanding representation in our content to be more inclusive and culturally responsive, ensuring our materials support deep engagement that is proven to drive success for all students.

Fractions Puzzles That Engage Students
Teachers and students in Grades 3–8 can design and share their own fraction puzzles in Cloud Machine to deepen engagement in their learning.

Adaptive Phonics Instruction
All Phonics lessons for Grades K–2 are responsive, allowing students to maximize their time and focus on the foundational skills they need to build the most.

Motivating Reading Comprehension Lessons
Middle school students and elementary learners will be engaged in new Reading Comprehension lessons for Grades 3–8, designed with a focus on increasing representation and cultural authenticity.

Ensure Students Are on Track for Reading Success

Measure student progress toward reaching grade-level expectations for reading with more than 200 new literacy tasks.

Measure Oral Reading Fluency
Understand a student’s oral reading fluency performance, progress, and individual instruction needs with expanded benchmark assessments and new Oral Reading Fluency progress monitoring for Grades 1–6.

Meet State Screening Requirements
Use new Early Reading Tasks to assess Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and other concepts to support your teaching and help you address state screening requirements.

Support Spanish-Speaking Students

A major expansion of Spanish assessment and instruction supports your Spanish-speaking learners and students in dual-language or transitional–bilingual programs.

Assessment of Spanish Reading for Grades K–6 (Launch Year!)
Understand your Spanish-speaking students' on-grade level reading performance with an online, authentic Reading Assessment in Spanish that connects to high-quality instructional resources.

Spanish Reading Lessons
Authentic Spanish Reading lessons for Grades K–2 in Phonics, Phonological Awareness, and Reading Comprehension help students build Spanish literacy.

Spanish Mathematics Lessons
Spanish versions of most Mathematics lessons for Grades K–6 offer equitable learning experiences.

Use i-Ready with More Flexibility

Use the program’s tools to support teaching and learning, wherever it takes place.

Connect with Learning Management Systems
Single sign-on can be enabled through many learning management systems, including Schoology® and Canvas®, making it simpler for students and educators to access i-Ready.

Assign Resources to Google Classroom
Assign Teacher Toolbox resources to Google Classroom in fewer steps.

Save Time When Sharing Reports with Families
Teachers can batch-print reports for all students and download individual files of reports for uploading to a student information system.

Support Tutors with Curated Resources
Tutoring Support Packs for mathematics and reading, accessible from the Teacher Toolbox, provide content and guidance for tutors with a range of experience and communication support for districts.

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Canvas® is a registered trademark of Instructure.

Rely on Our Partnership

Flexible, targeted professional development (PD) helps you address unfinished learning and get the most out of i-Ready.

Online Learning for All Educators
Educators can access expanded, on-demand interactive digital courses to extend and enhance their learning throughout the school year.

PD Focused on Unfinished Learning
We are offering new PD sessions designed to help you use i-Ready to address unfinished learning.

Insight into Online Educator Learning
Leaders can benefit from additional insight into their staff’s professional learning through new online educator learning reports that show staff activity and course completions.

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