Teacher Toolbox

Your One-Stop Spot for Teacher-Led Instruction

Your One-Stop Spot for Teacher-Led Instruction

Deliver On- and Off-Level Instruction with Teacher Toolbox

Teachers shouldn’t have to sacrifice what little time they have searching for materials to teach all levels of learners. Teacher Toolbox was designed to support educators with one-stop access to research-based resources for on-level and differentiated instruction that is flexible and engaging.

Teacher Toolbox is:

  • A digital collection from which teachers can draw relevant, standards-based resources to introduce new concepts, reteach standards, or help students learn prerequisite skills from earlier grades
  • An easy-to-navigate platform that provides a complete set of Grades K–8 instructional resources for Mathematics, Reading, and Writing alongside multimedia content, discourse supports, and assessment practice
  • Integrated with i‑Ready to provide a seamless connection between student data and instruction
  • A wonderful complement to i‑Ready, i-Ready Classroom Mathematics, Magnetic Reading, and Ready instruction, or available for use as a standalone classroom tool

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Get to Know the Teacher Toolbox

Available for Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA), Teacher Toolbox materials are organized by grade-level standard and align with grade-specific skill requirements, providing teachers with a simple way to quickly find what they need.

*For educators from Grades K–12 educational institutions only.

Standards-based lesson pages for teacher-led instruction.


The Teacher Toolbox includes all standards-based lessons, activities, and instruction for teachers to access inside and outside of class. With these features, teachers can focus on particular student skills or reteach skills students may not have mastered.

Teacher delivering instruction using an interactive whiteboard lesson.

Multimedia Content

Our toolbox for teaching includes interactive whiteboard lessons for whole class or small group Mathematics and Reading instruction for Grades K–8. These digitally animated lessons are available at teachers' fingertips and can help them introduce new concepts or reteach prerequisite standards.

Practice test page that mirrors the state assessment.


This toolbox for teachers contains a range of evaluation tools and assessments that allow students to demonstrate mastery of today's standards while supporting teachers in identifying skill areas that may need reinforcement. The assessments practice challenges students through test structures that mirror those of high-stakes state assessments.

Instructional materials for tutoring.

Tutoring Support

Some students need support outside of the classroom to get to grade level. Our online Teacher Toolbox provides access to a range of curated instructional resources that are appropriate for tutors of any experience level, as well as guidance and supports for districts looking to implement tutoring programs.

Discourse supports from the Teacher Toolbox.

Additional Resources

These digital tools for teachers include a full spectrum of on-level instruction and practice resources for Mathematics and for ELA (Reading and Writing), including:

  • Implementation supports such as routines, discourse supports, and sequencing guides
  • Tools for Instruction to help teachers target specific skills gaps for whole class, small group, or individualized instruction
  • Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension to support students in accessing grade-level texts
  • Math Center Activities that promote exploration into problem-solving challenges (Mathematics only)

"For teachers who are starting with iReady and particularly with [English Language Learners], I would recommend diving into the Teacher Toolbox and the resources that they have there because they’re very helpful.”

—Anabel V., Teacher, MO

Better Together

Laptop showing i-Ready Personalized Instruction for Mathematics.

i-Ready logo.

Find resources on Teacher Toolbox to address students’ learning needs, based on recommendations from the Diagnostic.

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i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Student Worktext and Digital Student Worktext.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics logo.

Included with the purchase of i-Ready Classroom Mathematics, Teacher Toolbox provides access to a variety of Grades K–8 instructional resources through an easy-to-navigate and conveniently organized platform.

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Ready Student Instruction Books.

Ready logo.

Teacher Toolbox complements on-level Ready instruction with digital access to Grades K–8 materials for enrichment, remediation, and practice.

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Magnetic Reading Student Worktext.

Magnetic Reading logo.

Teacher Toolbox complements on-level Magnetic Reading instruction with digital access to Grades 3–5 tests, media, skills support, and scaffolds.

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