i-Ready Assessment

i-Ready Literacy Tasks 

Ensure Students Are on Track for Reading Success

Designed for educators to work individually with students, the i-Ready Literacy Tasks are curriculum-based, measure-style assessments that offer developmentally appropriate reading tasks in foundational and other critical reading skills.

The i-Ready Literacy Tasks are an integrated component of the i-Ready Assessment suite. Pair with the i-Ready Diagnostic to:

Meet State Universal and State Screening Requirements

When used in conjunction with the Diagnostic, the Literacy Tasks address the most common state requirements for universal screening. Tasks can also be used to address state and district dyslexia risk factor screening requirements.


Gain Insight into Student Literacy Performance, Including Fluency, Relative to Grade Level

Benchmark Tasks allow educators to determine the components of reading in which students may need additional support. These cover eight critical task types and use grade-level stimuli to determine whether a student is meeting grade-level expectations.

Measure the Success of Literacy Interventions

Progress Monitoring Tasks allow educators to systematically track student performance to determine where educators need to intervene and course correct. They can also gauge the effectiveness of intervention focused on reading connected text and/or developing specific foundational literacy skills.

Why i-Ready Literacy Tasks?

Centralized, Essential Literacy Tools and Data

Your purchase of the i-Ready Assessment suite includes both the benchmark i-Ready Diagnostic and the curriculum-based measurement-style i-Ready Literacy Tasks. Educators have all the tools they need to assess critical literacy skills in one trusted program without investing in multiple tools, trainings, or IT resources.

A Complete Picture of Foundational Skills

The i-Ready Literacy Tasks make the foundational literacy data gathered by the Diagnostic for Reading (English) and Assessment of Spanish Reading even more actionable for educators through a finer, targeted understanding of students' reading skills and identify who may need further evaluation.

Grounded in the Science of Reading

Literacy Tasks progress from letter-sound knowledge and phonological awareness to decoding and word recognition, culminating in fluent reading of connected text. Their design allows students to dig deeper, focusing on the word-recognition skills necessary for skilled reading.