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Targeted Support for Critical Literacy Needs

Designed for educators to work individually with students, the i-Ready Literacy Tasks are curriculum-based, measure-style assessments that offer developmentally appropriate reading tasks in foundational and other critical reading skills that include:

  • Rapid Automatized Naming
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Letter Naming Fluency
  • Letter Sound Fluency
  • Word Recognition Fluency
  • Pseudoword Decoding Fluency
  • Passage Reading Fluency
  • Spelling and Encoding
  • Oral Reading Fluency

The i-Ready Literacy Tasks are an integrated component of the i-Ready Assessment suite. Pair with the i-Ready Diagnostic to:

  • Gain a complete picture of an entire class’s foundational skills in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, High-Frequency Words, Vocabulary, and Comprehension
  • Ensure educators—including teachers, literacy specialists, and paraprofessionals—can identify how to best help students grow in key literacy skills, especially fluency, and how to support them as they dive deeper into Phonological Awareness and Encoding
  • Support Progress Monitoring in intervention cases


Note: i-Ready Literacy Tasks were previously named Oral Reading Fluency and Early Reading Tasks.

Why i-Ready Literacy Tasks?

One-on-One Evaluations

The Literacy Tasks measure skills that are best evaluated individually with students. Using the tasks, educators can see firsthand how to best help students progress toward grade-level proficiency. These assessments for reading fluency are designed to help educators focus on every student’s individual needs.

Passage Reading Benchmark Assessment

Use this to determine whether students are meeting expectations in passage reading and gain deeper insights into students’ reading performance at grade level according to nationally recognized norms.

  • Available in both English and Spanish for Grades 1–6. Spanish Passage Reading Fluency Assessments require administration by Spanish-speaking educators.
  • Oral reading fluency assessments are imperative for successful reading comprehension. Oral reading helps improve students’ speed, word recognition, accuracy and fluency. Moreover, passage reading tasks enable instructors to monitor student development and identify areas in which they need improvement.

Progress Monitoring to Measure Effectiveness

For students receiving targeted reading intervention, i-Ready Literacy Progress Monitoring Tasks help track incremental improvements in your learners’ key foundational reading and fluency skills. Precreated aim lines track the effectiveness of the intervention (currently available for Passage Reading Fluency Tasks in English).

Research Based and Consistent with the Science of Reading

Rooted in the latest Science of Reading research, you can support reading intervention efforts, including Response to Intervention and Multi-Tiered System of Supports, and best practices.


Universal Literacy and Dyslexia Risk Factor Screening

Tasks can be used to address state and district universal literacy and dyslexia risk factor screening requirements and processes and have been adopted by state departments of education across the country.


Available for the 2022–2023 School Year

  • Monitor Progress to Support Literacy Interventions: Get a faster, more complete picture of every learner’s place on their path to reading success.
    • 20+ unique Progress Monitoring Forms per grade level for i-Ready Literacy Tasks. Forms are available for Passage Reading Fluency, Letter Sound Fluency, Word Recognition Fluency, Pseudoword Decoding Fluency, and Phoneme Segmentation Fluency. This also includes 12 Progress Monitoring Forms in Spanish for Passage Reading Fluency.
  • Input and view Literacy Tasks reporting on i-Ready Connect™ using a new user interface for digital data entry.
  • Progress Monitoring Graphs: View student progress over time as students participate in interventions.
  • Student Literacy Tasks Report: Student-level reports with Benchmark and Progress Monitoring data, including aim lines for Passage Reading Fluency in English
  • Integrated Reporting: To aid administration, components are available through i-Ready as downloadable, printable PDFs, putting the assessment process where it belongs—in the hands of teachers. Any educator can administer the foundational reading assessments, with teachers inputting and viewing Literacy Tasks reporting on i-Ready Connect.

What’s Included

Literacy Tasks are currently available for i-Ready Diagnostic for Reading license holders during the 2022–2023 school year.

  • Downloadable student and examiner versions of tasks
  • A variety of tasks: 20 tasks, with between two and 10 forms available for each task type depending on grade level
  • Downloadable scoring materials
  • The i-Ready Literacy Tasks guides, including content and scoring overview, downloadable instructions, and recommended task progressions

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