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Teacher and student using a computer.
Relationships Form the Foundation for Student Success at Chesnee Elementary School
At Chesnee Elementary School, student success begins with relationships. Educators use one student’s story to share how relationships and common strategies―setting high expectations, personalizing instruction, and using data―helped them build a thriving, supportive school culture.
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Two students working on school sheets.
Three Best Practices for Conducting an Equity Audit
Alief Independent School District has long understood the importance of providing an equitable learning experience for all of its 45,000-plus students. However, starting in 2018, it took this work even further when it spearheaded a multi-year equity initiative.
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Student on a laptop working from home.
Four Ways Lake Park Elementary Helped Students Succeed during COVID-19
Despite an unplanned shift to remote learning because of the pandemic, Lake Park Elementary in Palm Beach County, Florida, was able to successfully keep their students learning and engaged despite challenges. In this post, read about the four major strategies they used.
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hand typing on keyboard.
Educators Worried about Staffing and Engagement: Summer 2021 Survey Results

A total of 377 administrators and 3,457 teachers participated in Curriculum Associates’ winter surveys about summer learning and their top concerns, answering questions such as, “How will you encourage students to attend your school’s or district’s summer-learning program?”

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The question "Why?" written on a chalkboard.
Remembering “Why” You Teach: How to Rediscover Why You Do What You Do
During stressful times, it’s easy to forget your “Why,” or the reasons you do what you do. Do you remember why you became a teacher? Was it to help young people? A love of learning? National Director Danielle Sullivan offers insight and an exercise to help educators rediscover their purpose.
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