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Darnell Jackson's laptop showing his virtual class.
A Day in the Life of a Chicago Kindergarten Teacher
In this series, we follow teachers through a typical day and ask them the deep questions, including “Why do you teach?” In this first post, Chicago kindergarten teacher Darnell Jackson explains why consistency and accountability are the center of his teaching philosophy.
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A group of educators meeting to discuss student data.
Three Ways to Make Education Data Meetings Meaningful
Educators and administrators at Little Silver Public Schools in New Jersey share how they make the most of student data. Their process includes an its 18-person data committee that really delves into student performance and helps everyone see the “bigger picture.”
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Stack of blue books.
Authentic Characters Are the Heart of Culturally Responsive Texts
Authentic characters that are as dynamic and complex as the students in America’s increasingly diverse classrooms are the heart of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive (CLR) Texts. Learn what separates authentic characters from “neutral ones.”
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Chalkboard showing middle school math.
A Middle School Teacher's Journey from Direct to Discourse-Based Math Instruction

For her students to truly be fluent in math, Kate Gasaway and her colleagues needed to change how they taught. By moving from direct instruction to a discourse-based, student-centered instruction model, her school improved student learning and made class more engaging.

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Teacher and students sitting on the floor.

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