Context. Really . . . It’s Everything

“It was because,” she said, “her students were so bright.”

The room roars with laughter—well, everyone but you.

You know how it is. Without the context of that crucial buildup, the joke’s punchline falls flat.

In fact, without context, it’s easy to feel lost or confused. Take, for example, your learners. Without you there to provide context, they may not be able to:

  • Set their own learning goals
  • Understand how today's lesson applies to the real world
  • Discover who they are and how they'll make their mark

Our Promise

Yep, around here, context is everything. So that’s our promise: To provide you with insights, tips, and strategies from other in-school practitioners.

Our goal is to curate and share:

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So . . . back to the joke’s buildup we missed at the top of the piece:  “Why was the teacher wearing sunglasses in her classroom?”

And now, you have the context!