A Little about Us

In the whirlwind of your busy life, just getting everything done is often a miracle. It can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture of why and how what you do makes a difference for students every single day. You not only teach your students the skills and knowledge they need, you also show them how and when to apply what they’ve learned. You provide context—an essential ingredient for success in today’s world.  

Our blog, Context, is filled with innovative and practical ideas, strategies, and inspiration for improving teaching and learning. Each week, you’ll find new content that can make a real difference for you and your students, including:

  • Noteworthy Voices: Unique perspectives from education experts 
  • 2-Minute Strategies: Helpful classroom ideas you can use today
  • Simplified: Complex concepts broken down for clarity
  • Essential Solutions: Practical solutions to common challenges

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A Lot about You

Your input can also make a difference in the lives of other teachers. From Massachusetts to California and North Dakota to Texas, educators want to know how you’re tackling challenges in your classroom. 

  • Got a tried-and-true tip that works every time?
  • A piece of advice you wish you’d learned years ago? 
  • An idea for making an impact inside or outside the classroom?

Let us know so we can share actionable solutions that matter in the context of “right now.” Simply email us at context@cainc.com

As always . . . thank you for everything you do, every day, for our children and our world.

—Patty and the Context Team