It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Read

Phonics for Reading is an explicit and systematic reading intervention program that helps students in Grades 3–12 build the skills and confidence they need to move toward grade-level reading.

Authored by renowned reading expert Dr. Anita Archer, the new ©2025 edition of this beloved program provides a streamlined focus on decoding with enhanced appeal for older students, improved support for comprehension and fluency, expanded practice opportunities, and deeper learning for English Learners and students with dyslexia.


Accelerate Learning with Instruction Based in Reading Science

Close the gap toward grade-level reading with best practice instruction in the critical skills that striving readers need.

  • Explicit instruction for decoding, including phonemic awareness, phonics and word recognition, high-frequency words, and encoding (i.e., spelling).
  • Support for meaning making, including vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Practice for fluency, including accuracy, rate, and expression.

Honor Striving Readers with Age-Appropriate Content and Pacing

Meet your students where they are with respect for their maturity as grade-level thinkers. 

  • Decodable texts (informative and narrative) on engaging topics build stamina for lengthy reading assignments.
  • Fast-paced, intensive lessons and visual design keep students motivated to learn.
  • Challenge texts further close the gap to accessing on-grade level content.

Simplify Teaching and Planning for Your School

The program is easy-to-use for teachers and schools.

  • A supportive teacher script means anyone can deliver effective reading intervention.
  • Works with a variety of instructional models to fit flexibly into your school day.
  • Digital tools provide teacher support and extra practice for students who need it.

Use Actionable Insights to Drive Differentiation

When you know more, you can do more.

  • Identify the right students using i-Ready or another assessment screener.
  • Start each student where they can succeed using the Placement Test.
  • Monitor progress with a range of assessment tools, including Unit Check-Ups and a Posttest.

Use One, Two, or All Three Levels

Some students may only need Level C. Others will need to start at Level A or Level B, depending on their proficiency.

A list of skills covered in each level of Phonics for Reading.


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