Introducing i-Ready Pro for Middle School  

Immersive Learning, Reimagined

The term "middle school" points to the essential truth that it’s an in-between place for students. They are leaving their childhood identities behind and gradually discovering who they can be as young adults. And the data trends show that middle school students need more support than ever before.

Every middle school student will find their own immersive pathway for reaching their mathematics and reading goals with i-Ready Pro. Coming soon, i-Ready Pro will precisely address the wide variety of student needs present in middle school classrooms through a reimagined student experience with streamlined lesson pathways plus new insights for classroom teachers and interventionists.


The Next Evolution

The best predictor of college and career readiness by high school graduation is academic achievement in Grade 8. Spanning many years of development and created from research-based best practices, i-Ready Pro will guide middle school students to those Grade 8 goals . . . and into their next great adventure.

Elevate Students to Their Goals Faster with Streamlined Pathways

Every student’s unique experience will be based on their individualized needs and driven by research-based practices into what makes middle school students successful. Results from the digital, adaptive i-Ready Diagnostic will provide targeted middle school math and reading intervention to students who need it, accelerated learning for those who don’t, and personalized guidance for every student—all while preserving time for grade-level instruction.

Fuel Motivation and Learning within a Reimagined Student Experience

Greater student autonomy, increased ownership and agency, more engagement, and clear relevance add up to the motivation that drives learning—all delivered within a sleek, mature experience.

Drive Outcomes with Deeper Insights into Student Skill Achievement

Teachers and interventionists alike will be able to evaluate and elevate whole class, small group, and personalized instruction. Detailed information into student skill development and acquisition will provide crucial support and insights for moving middle school students ahead.

Built from a Powerful Foundation

Ongoing research and user feedback has created a powerful foundation for i-Ready Pro. Recent enhancements include:

Strengthen Your Implementation Today

Middle schools are unique, and implementing any new program means figuring out that special way to make it work. We’ve heard from our middle school educators across the country that these “twists” really help bring i-Ready to life and make it meaningful to them and their students.

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"The results that our students are achieving with i-Ready are the best in our seven years of operation. Also, i-Ready's pursuit of continuous improvement make the investment worthwhile." Vanessa Garza, Middle School Principal, LAUSD Independent Charter, California