Supporting Middle School Students with i-Ready  


Help Middle Schoolers Do Their Best with i-Ready

Middle school is a time of momentous change. It’s when students start switching classrooms, confronting new social dynamics, and navigating multiple teachers’ expectations. It’s also when they’re ready to take ownership of their learning, which is where i-Ready, a comprehensive program that connects assessment data with online instruction, comes in. With i-Ready, middle school educators can:

  • Share students' data with them so they can create meaningful learning goals and take ownership of their progress
  • Seamlessly connect assessment data with online instruction
  • Implement personalized learning paths that reflect each student’s unique strengths and areas of growth
  • Keep students focused with online lessons designed specifically to engage and motivate middle schoolers

i-Ready Lessons Are Designed to Support and Engage Middle School Students

Discover how i-Ready lessons for Grades 6–8 are uniquely designed to keep middle school students focused, engaged, and—most importantly—growing.

Access to Background Knowledge

To ensure every learner can engage with the text, i-Ready Personalized Instruction's online lessons provide access to background information the student may not be familiar with.

Laptop showing an i-Ready Reading lesson.

Engaging Activities Challenge Older Students

i-Ready lessons give middle school students an active learning experience, with less talking and more doing.

Laptop showing an i-Ready Mathematics lesson.

Built-In Reminders to Read Carefully

Interactive reading passages ensure students are fully engaged with the text, while Rush warnings remind them to slow down and read carefully.

Laptop showing an interactive reading passage on i-Ready.

“I'm in eighth grade and can't get enough of i-Ready! I complete lessons every day in my math class and love it! . . . i-Ready gives me the chance to grow at my own pace in a fun and interactive environment. ” Katelyn B., Grade 8 Student, PA

How i-Ready Transformed Heron Middle School

Help Your Middle School Students Take Ownership of Their Learning

Data Chat Guides

Use these guides to lead your discussions around student-, class- and school-level data. 


A Practical Guide to Analyzing Data

Use this guide to establish a process for using your data to better plan your middle school instruction.


“The hardest thing for me [is] to try to encourage the kids who are not as motivated . . . Last year, I realized the power of showing the kids their improvement and sharing that success with them.” Grade 6 Teacher