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Get a Complete Picture of Student Performance in One Comprehensive System

About i-Ready Assessment

Meet a wide range of assessment needs in your district with one powerful solution. The i-Ready Assessment suite provides the data teachers need to target instruction where it’s needed most. The information it delivers is based on industry-leading assessment design concepts and backed by extensive validity evidence. The i-Ready Assessment suite includes: 

  • i-Ready Diagnostic for Grades K–12 covering Reading and Mathematics in a digital, adaptive form
  • i-Ready Standards Mastery for Grades 2–8 covering Reading and Mathematics in a digital, fixed form
  • i-Ready Assessment of Spanish Reading for Grades K–6 in a digital, fixed form
  • i-Ready Literacy Tasks: Benchmarking and Progress Monitoring
    • Fast one-on-one administration
    • New data collection and reporting within i-Ready
    • • Passage Reading Fluency: Grades 1–6, English and Spanish 
      • Additional Literacy Tasks: Grades K–3, English and Spanish
  • i-Ready Dyslexia Screener for Grades K–3 pairing the i-Ready Diagnostic with offline, one-on-one administered assessments
  • Tools for Instruction for actionable, in-the-moment lesson plans to address gaps identified by the Diagnostic
  • Unparalleled service and ongoing educator support from i-Ready Partners

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Insightful Reports Educators Can Trust

Meet your students where they are and set high, achievable goals. Intuitive reports from i-Ready Diagnostic and i-Ready Standards Mastery offer the most accurate data possible by identifying each student’s strengths and learning priorities. Teachers use this data to make informed decisions about whole class, small group, or individual instruction, while administrators can use it to set intervention strategies and inform resource allocation decisions. With i-Ready Assessment, educators feel prepared, confident, and supported as they guide students toward continued academic growth.


Actionable Insights Enable Differentiated, Personalized Instruction

Once the assessment is conducted, teacher-led instructional resources are available in the reports to address needs that were identified. To get the most out of assessment data, teachers can link assessment results with i-Ready Personalized Instruction. Students will receive a tailor-made, digital learning path to which teachers can assign lessons.

Equitable, Accessible Testing

Every student can excel with the help of a passionate teacher and the right instructional tools. i-Ready Assessment sets high expectations for all students, regardless of their backgrounds. With components like the i-Ready Dyslexia Screener and i-Ready Literacy Tasks, teachers can identify individual student learning needs and chart a customized pathway toward proficiency. i-Ready Assessment includes a wide range of accessibility features to maximize usability for students.

i-Ready Assessment Is Proven to Work

i-Ready Assessment Is Proven to Work

Teachers trust the data provided by the i-Ready Assessment suite because it’s based on the industry’s most current and rigorous research. Beyond that, every program we create goes through a continuous cycle of review and improvement—including expert educator evaluation throughout each step in the process. Through these efforts, we’re pleased to offer this powerful, integrated assessment that’s proven to help your students succeed.


Robust Assessment Design

i-Ready Assessment follows industry best practices for assessment design, including comprehensive and thoughtful testing and item development.

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Powerful Psychometrics

i-Ready Assessment is supported by powerful psychometrics—pinpointing the specific skills students need to accelerate their growth.

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Independent Validation

The use of i-Ready Assessment has been reviewed and approved by many states, districts, and external entities.