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The Power of One Coherent Student Assessment System


i-Ready Diagnostic Is Highly Rated in Grades K–8 by the National Center on Intensive Intervention

i-Ready Diagnostic received positive reviews on the key criteria of Reliability, Validity, and Classification Accuracy in Grades K–8 Mathematics and Reading for NCII's Academic Screener Tool Chart.


The i-Ready Assessment Difference

With i-Ready Assessment, you can support every student with one coherent assessment program designed to deliver clear data, connected to precise instruction, and backed by committed service. i-Ready is highly rated by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) and trusted by educators to deliver screening, progress monitoring, and benchmark assessments to more than 11 million students nationwide.

i-Ready's coherent program supports students through data, connected instruction, and service.

Clear Data

Easily understand precisely what students can do.


Inform instruction with valid, reliable, and easy-to-interpret data. Understand student strengths and learning priorities with a powerful Diagnostic. Get a comprehensive picture of classroom and individual student learning.


Connected Instruction

Choose from multiple learning pathways tailored to what each student needs next.


Meet students where they are. Prepare students for grade-level learning. Help every student progress with rigorous content.


Committed Service

Powered by people and a commitment to always improve


Be confident with an exceptional partner by your side. Save time with an educator-friendly platform. Understand how to get the best results for students.


Explore i-Ready Assessment

i-Ready Diagnostic Pinpoint what students know and where they need support with adaptive Reading and Mathematics assessments. For Grades K–12.
i-Ready Standards Mastery Assess student understanding on grade-level standards in Reading and Mathematics. For Grades 2–8.
i-Ready Assessment of Spanish Reading Understand students’ grade-level reading performance in Spanish with a fixed-form, digital assessment. For Grades K–8.
i-Ready Literacy Tasks Ensure students are on track for reading success by measuring foundational literacy skills with educator-administered assessments. For Grades K–6.

Teachers Prefer i-Ready Assessment

“A Remarkable Predictor of Your Students’ Success”


“I have been very impressed with the i-Ready program. It is a wonderful review tool. It is also autonomous and can detect with great precision where my students are academically. One of the most important aspects of this program is its ability to precisely diagnose my children's specific skills needs and continue to assign these skills to that particular student.”

—Philippe G., Teacher, Florida


Our Student Performance Assessments Are Proven to Work

Educators trust the i-Ready Assessment suite because it’s based on the industry’s most current and rigorous research. Every program goes through a continuous cycle of review and improvement, which is why it’s recognized year after year by third parties such as the NCII and used by about one-third of Grades K–8 students nationwide.

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Independent Validation

The use of i-Ready Assessment has been reviewed and approved by many states, districts, and external entities.