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A Comprehensive Grades K–8 Print and Digital Classroom Math Program

Picture a busy, focused, collaborative classroom driven by real-world mathematics examples and all the support for meeting students right where they are. Picture students smiling as they confidently explain their reasoning to the class. Picture measurable growth and success with i-Ready Classroom Mathematics, the student-centered core math classroom curriculum that’s already successfully supporting teachers in schools across the country.


Grade K Student Worktext activity. 

Build a Solid Foundation for Success

Student-centered learning in i-Ready Classroom Mathematics begins in the earliest grades in which the connections essential for inquiry and growth are created and nurtured. Every student is allowed the time and space to build a strong foundation that will make learning easier for years to come.

Create a Student-Centered Classroom

Teachers are completely supported in moving students forward with i-Ready Classroom Mathematics’ high-impact strategies. Students succeed and grow—and teachers have time to spare.

Math Discourse Cards.
i-Ready Prerequisites report. 

Turn Data into Action

With the inclusion of the i-Ready Diagnostic, educators have the right information at the right time to provide the right support for every student.

See What Teachers Love

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i-Ready Classroom Mathematics provides engaging activities that support young learners as they build number sense.

Build Number Sense Every Day

Get students thinking and talking about number sense with the playful warm-ups and transition activities in i-Ready Classroom Mathematics! This repeated practice, combined with other counting opportunities, helps young students learn the counting sequence, identify number patterns, and develop an understanding of the base-10 number system.

Students engaging in hands on learning.

Encourage Hands-On Learning Opportunities

Students investigate mathematics using counters, cubes, and other manipulatives so they can develop understanding before moving on to more abstract mathematical challenges.

Learning centers offer fun ways to reinforce concepts.

Choose from a Variety of Student-Led Centers

Reinforce session concepts and build fluency with the many options for centers, including plenty of fun digital options. Students apply skills, strategies, and procedures while teachers lead differentiated groups.

Teacher assisting two students.

Quickly Assess Student Understanding

Rely on the many opportunities to assess students in low-stakes settings, including Activity-Based Assessments that are available for every Grade K lesson.

Our Promises to You

Professional Learning

From live, in-person sessions and coaching to online, on-demand courses, we offer a flexible system of support as unique as your goals, your users, and your schedules.

Always Improving

We’re constantly improving our programs based on the latest research and customer feedback to make sure we’re serving the needs of teachers and students.

Highly Rated

The data speaks for itself. Check out our proven results and top ratings from third parties.

“i-Ready Classroom Mathematics resources provide teachers with routines and structures that support the implementation of the effective teaching practices. This allows students to build a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, and it creates a seamless connection that supports both students and teachers.”  Marsha Burkholder, Elementary Curriculum Specialist, Columbus City Schools

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