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Funding Resources to Support Schools and Districts

Curriculum Associates' programs deliver the rich insight, powerful instruction, and comprehensive support that educators trust and rely on to help students from all backgrounds and current achievement levels reach their greatest possible gains. Here we share information to help you find funding to support your implementation. This is not an exhaustive list of all available funding, but it highlights sources our partner districts and schools have found most applicable. Our programs are used by millions of students and thousands of teachers across all 50 states. 


Use ESSER Funding to Accelerate Learning for All Students

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ESSER Guide to Addressing Unfinished Learning

Learn about ESSER funding, its uses, and how to make the most of it to identify, address, and measure progress on unfinished learning.


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i-Ready for Summer Learning: Many Needs, One Technology Program​

Summer-learning needs have become increasingly complex. Learn how i‑Ready’s instructional tools support remote or in-person summer- and extended-year learning programs.


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Print Support for ESY, Extended Day, and Summer Learning

Learn how ESSA-aligned print materials can provide equitable learning opportunities for a variety of programs and services.


Find Federal Title, Competitive, and Foundation Funding

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Federal Grants

Federal formula or “Title” grants are non-competitive—each state receives a portion of the funding based on a formula. States in turn pass the funding on to local districts and schools. Federal grants can be an important source to support Curriculum Associates’ research-proven assessment and instruction solutions.

Browse Federal Grants:
Title I | Title II | Title III | Title IV

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Competitive Grants

Competitive grants can bring new funding to your district or school. Grants fund a specific program or project and are awarded to districts or schools through a rigorous and selective application process. Competitive grants require specific eligibility criteria, and submitted proposals are evaluated by a review committee that makes final funding decisions.


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Foundation and Corporate Grants

Foundation and corporate grants are another source of potential funding. Foundations are typically funded from a single source, such as a family, an individual, or a corporation’s charitable entity. Each funder determines eligibility criteria, based on its priorities and values. Grants often require awardees to follow reporting guidelines that define how the grant funds are to be used.  

Browse Foundation Grants

ESSA Evidence for Our Programs

iReady and Ready are backed by timely research that meets the criteria for “evidence-based” as defined by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Resources and Support


Make Sense of the Funding Alphabet Soup

Our Grant and Funding Glossary provides succinct, easy-to-understand definitions to commonly used funding terms and phrases.

Federal Funding Solutions to Help You

Discover how our programs map to various types of federal funding in our Funding Summary.

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Explore Funding for Non-Public Schools

Learn about federal funding through the Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) program.

Contact Us for Grant Support

Applying for funding to implement a Curriculum Associates program? The Grants team is here to assist you with:

  • Product Narrative: We can supply sample language describing our product and services for your application.
  • Customized Grant Toolkit: For selected funding opportunities, we can provide sample product narrative customized to the specific grant.
  • Grant Review: For select proposals, we can review your narrative with our product information and offer feedback on how the content aligns with the grant requirements/priorities.