Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Funds


ESSER and EANS Funding Deadlines Approaching

The American Rescue Plan (ARP), known as ESSER III, provided $122 billion in relief funding for districts and schools. A minimum of 20 percent of these funds must be reserved to address unfinished learning. These funds must be obligated by September 30, 2024.

To support private and parochial schools like yours in addressing the impact of COVID-19, Congress has provided financial support through the Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) Fund. EANS I funding must be obligated by September 30, 2023 and EANS II funding must be obligated by September 30, 2024.

The deadlines to obligate your ESSER and EANS funds are quickly approaching. There’s still time to invest in your students’ success with i-Ready. Many school districts have remaining ESSER and EANS that can be used for:

  • Identifying and addressing unfinished learning
  • Assessments
  • Summer learning/after school/extended day
  • Supporting diverse student populations
  • Professional development

Interested in seeing how much ESSER funding remains in your district? You can check the ESSER Expenditure dashboard by Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University.

The ARP requires states to submit a plan for their ESSER funding to the US Department of Education. You can find the submitted plans at the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The Department of Education requires annual performance reports for ESSER grantees as well as EANS and GEER. The details can be found at the Education Stabilization Fund.

Accelerate Grade-Level Proficiency with i-Ready 

i-Ready and our suite of instructional programs meet the requirements of ESSER and EANS. i-Ready helps evaluate unfinished learning and delivers powerful online lessons that motivate students on their path to grade-level proficiency and beyond. 

Our instructional materials have been validated through external reviews and approved as high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) by EdReports.

  • i-Ready Classroom Mathematics, a comprehensive Grades K–8 core mathematics program, received "all-green" ratings by EdReports.
  • Magnetic Reading Foundations, a new Grades K–2 foundational skills program, recently received perfect scores by EdReports!

Programs Aligned with ESSER and EANS

i-Ready Assessment screen.

i-Ready Assessment

The rich data from i-Ready Assessment empowers teachers with a deeper knowledge of their students’ needs and unfinished learning. It pinpoints students’ strengths and knowledge gaps at the sub-skill level. i-Ready’s growth measures provide a detailed portrait of student growth and chart a path to grade-level proficiency for every student.

i-Ready Personalized Instruction screens.

i-Ready Personalized Instruction

i-Ready Personalized Instruction delivers powerful online lessons that motivate students on their paths to proficiency and growth. Driven by insights from the i-Ready Diagnostic, i-Ready’s online K–8 lessons in Reading and Mathematics provide tailored instruction that meets students where they are in their journey and encourages them as they develop new skills.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics book and digital experience.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

Our comprehensive core mathematics program, i-Ready Classroom Mathematics, makes mathematics accessible to all students and is highly rated by EdReports. Through a blend of purposeful print and digital components, the program increases student engagement and builds confidence.

Magnetic Reading Foundations Student Worktext.

Magnetic Reading Foundations

Magnetic Reading Foundations is a Grades K–2 foundational skills reading program providing explicit, systematic instruction that moves students from foundational skills to reading fluency.

Magnetic Reading Student Worktext.

Magnetic Reading

Magnetic Reading is a Grades 3–5 reading comprehension program that connects the art of teaching with the Science of Reading to develop successful, proficient, and confident readers.

Ready Math, Reading, and Writing books.

Ready Mathematics, Ready Reading, and Ready Writing

Students have the opportunity to shine when they are challenged by rigorous yet reachable instruction in the classroom. Ready was designed to give K–8 students of all levels that opportunity with accessible, engaging instruction. With our research-based program, educators receive the guidance and tools they need to help meet the needs of all learners, while strengthening their instructional practice.

Laptop showing the Teacher Toolbox.

Teacher Toolbox

With this digital collection of standards-based resources for Grades K–8, teachers get the tools they need to introduce new concepts, reteach standards, or help students learn prerequisite skills from earlier grades—and meet the needs of all learners. Teacher Toolbox is a wonderful complement to i-Ready or Ready, or it is available for use as a standalone classroom tool.

Phonics for Reading books.

PHONICS for Reading

Authored by reading expert Dr. Anita Archer, this systematic, research-based intervention program accelerates instruction for struggling readers in Grades 3–12 by equipping them with the tools necessary to decode with confidence. PHONICS for Reading also ties seamlessly into i-Ready Assessment data, enabling educators to identify the population of students in need and the level of support each student requires.

Brigance screening and activities products.


BRIGANCE provides industry-leading tools, including developmental screeners, assessment tools and inventories, and instructional materials for Special Education, Early Childhood, and Head Start professionals.

Close up of teacher standing in front of whiteboard.

Professional Development

Our professional development courses infuse proven instructional practices to drive student growth, supporting educators as they accelerate learning for all students. We offer onsite and digital learning options and a powerful network of support for our educator partners.


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