Ready Mathematics

A Teacher-Led K–8 Math Program

Ready Common Core Mathematics

Ready Common Core Mathematics helps teachers create a rich classroom environment in which students at all levels become active, real-world problem solvers. Through teacher-led instruction, students develop mathematical reasoning, engage in discourse, and build strong mathematical habits. This math program’s instructional framework supports educators as they strengthen their teaching practices and facilitate meaningful discourse that encourages all learners.

Ready Common Core Mathematics:

  • Encourages students to develop a deeper understanding of mathematics concepts through the embedded Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Builds on students’ prior knowledge with lessons that make connections within and across grade levels and directly address the major focus of the grade
  • Ready Mathematics 6–8, ©2020 Edition provides additional features for supporting English Learners, such as: 
    • English Language Development guidelines on scaffolding language use during instruction to benefit students at different levels of English proficiency
    • Language routines that integrate language and mathematics
    • Concept development activities that allow students of varying mathematical and English language abilities to build on familiar concepts

Proven Math Programs for All Students

Ready Common Core Mathematics can be used as your core curriculum or to enhance your math instruction. Designed to develop strong mathematical thinkers, our math programs focus on conceptual understanding using real-world problem solving and help students become active participants in their own learning.


Proven to Work

Third-party research provides evidence that students using the Ready Mathematics programs perform significantly better than students not using the program.

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See Ready Mathematics at Work in the Classroom

See how students collaborate and share problem-solving strategies with the Think–Share–Compare routine.

Get to Know Ready Common Core Mathematics

Behind Our Program

Orchestrating Mathematical Discourse to Enhance Student Learning

Discover strategies that support student collaboration and mathematical discussion.

Selecting and Sequencing Student Solutions

Know more about strategies to facilitate productive mathematics discussions.

Fostering Student Engagement in the Mathematical Practices

Read how to implement discourse that encourages instructional routines in the classroom.

Mathematical Discourse Cards

Use these cards to facilitate and support organic discussions within class.