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Rigor They Can Reach

Ready Programs

Students have the opportunity to shine when they are challenged by rigorous yet reachable instruction in the classroom. Ready was designed to give K–8 students of all levels that opportunity with accessible, engaging instruction. The Ready programs use a problem solving-based approach that strengthens students’ learning muscles and builds conceptual understanding through reasoning, practice, and productive discussion using real-world scenarios.

Through Ready Mathematics, Ready Reading, and Ready Writing, learners of all levels become active participants in their own learning, fortified by deep knowledge and reasoning skills that stay with them in their years ahead. Teachers get the guidance and tools they need to help them meet the needs of all learners, while strengthening their instructional practice.

How Ready Helps Teachers and Students

Ready programs support teachers in differentiating instruction for small groups and individuals, with strategic scaffolds that help all students to receive the instruction they need to build their confidence and grow. Ready Mathematics is also providing teachers a K–8 whole class blended mathematics curriculum solution that has been top‑rated by Discover more about what we do.


Ready’s Reach

Over 3.5 million students across the US have access to Ready materials in their classrooms.


Ready Works

In a 2018 study, New York State students who had access to Ready books outperformed students who did not.

Speech bubbles

“I’m happy with Ready Mathematics and Reading for the ease of use and the alignment to standards.”

—Teacher, GA, Grades 6–8

Speech bubbles

“Students learn tools that they will use for the rest of their educational careers.”

—Teacher, WA, Grades 3–5

Speech bubbles

Ready reaches my students in areas that I might have missed.”

—Teacher, NC, Grades 6–8