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Using i‑Ready: Algebra Readiness


Using i-Ready: Algebra Readiness Assessment

Determine Algebra Readiness with i-Ready Diagnostic

Research shows student success in Algebra 1 determines students’ access to advanced learning in mathematics and prepares them for the demands of college and careers in many fields. Placing students in the course at the right moment in their development is critical—material will appropriately challenge students with sufficient knowledge, but students without the right prerequisite foundation will likely struggle. An Algebra 1 readiness test can help determine which students are ready and which ones need more instruction before being placed.

Help Teachers Assess Algebra Readiness with Confidence

Student report showing mathematics placements.

Intuitive information tells educators if students are likely ready for Algebra.

Student report showing Placement by Domain.

Domain placements help educators develop a well-rounded profile of a student’s strengths and weaknesses as they prepare to transition to Algebra 1

Student report showing available Tools for Instruction.

Suggestions for educators detailing what additional support might be helpful for students nearly prepared for Algebra 1 coursework

Why Educators Trust i-Ready

Math content experts reviewed numerous sources to determine what i-Ready Diagnostic scores indicate a student's likelihood of being algebra-ready. These sources included the i-Ready middle school construct map, the scope and sequence for the Common Core State Standards’ accelerated Grade 7 course, Student Achievement Partners’ progression to algebra, and others.

Sample Algebra 1 Diagnostic for a Grade 7 Student

i-Ready report showing Diagnostic score for a Grade 7 student.

Assessing Algebra Readiness in Your District

We understand that districts may have considerations beyond i-Ready Diagnostic data to suit their local requirements for Algebra 1 readiness assessments. For instance, districts may want to adjust our recommended scores that are indicative of K–8 algebra readiness in consideration of:

Icon showing workflow.

The Algebra 1 scope and sequence and time allotted for remediation of pre-algebra skills.

If the district's Algebra 1 curriculum incorporates a review of prerequisites, it may be reasonable to include students who are not yet proficient in those skills by applying a lower performance-level standard. However, if little time is available for remediation, it may be advisable to apply a higher, more exclusive performance-level standard.

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The performance of past students in Algebra I and their associated i-Ready Diagnostic scores.

Over time, districts can accumulate enough of this data to identify the score that best predicts success in their Algebra I course.

Get More Information about How i-Ready Diagnostic Can Help with Algebra Readiness

To get more information, including recommendations on which i-Ready Diagnostic scores could be indicative of a student’s readiness for algebra, please contact an i‑Ready Partner Success Manager or Educational Consultant.  We will work with you to ensure your approach to using i-Ready is appropriate for your district’s needs.

i-Ready Diagnostic can be a critical tool for identifying students with a high likelihood of success in algebra.