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Data-Driven Classroom Instruction

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The Challenge

When California’s Common Core State Standards were about to change, the Oak Grove School District realized its existing benchmark assessments didn’t align with the new standards. After evaluating several programs, the team decided on i-Ready, because they saw its application not only as a districtwide benchmarking tool but also as a way classroom teachers could gather data about their students’ performance and monitor growth.

Of course, classrooms are not driven by data alone—they’re driven by teachers whose time is limited, valuable, and best used working with students. The Oak Grove team had found that assessment and instruction programs varied widely and often posed challenges—teachers could not always easily access and understand data, and assessment data didn’t always closely link to recommendations for instruction. They needed a program that wouldn’t require too much extra work—one that would make it simpler for teachers to assess their students’ strengths and gaps and to share data with students. A program that could do this would help teachers work with students to set goals, develop action plans, and together, celebrate growth.

Oak Grove found their criteria were met with i-Ready. Amy Boles, Director of Educational Services, described how Oak Grove found the support they needed to begin building data-driven classrooms: “i-Ready has been a wonderful tool for us so we can have those conversations around how students are doing throughout the year, not just at the end of the year after the summative assessments.”


"We have found with students of all ages...[they] can be taught that their intellectual skills are things that can be cultivated...When they are taught this, they seem naturally to become more eager for challenges, harder working, and more able to cope with obstacles." -Carol Dweck, Author of Mindset: The New Psychology of SuccessOur Philosophy

When students engage with teachers around data and participate in setting personal goals, they feel empowered in their learning. As students see the gains they’re making, their confidence grows and their relationship with their teacher strengthens. A data-driven culture starts to form—one in which students and educators share a common understanding of data that drives instruction and teachers and administrators share a strong commitment to the success of every student.

Our programs were designed based on the principle that when students take ownership of their learning, they progress at a faster rate and are motivated to achieve. We believe that data can be transformative in making this happen. When educators can combine a deeper knowledge of students’ individual needs with effective and engaging instruction and practice that addresses these specific needs, they are best able to support students and help them make progress toward proficiency and growth. 


Young boy using i-Ready.Our Solution

i-Ready is the realization of our philosophy that personalized learning and student growth thrive in a data-driven classroom. In a single program, i-Ready integrates powerful assessments and rich insights with effective and engaging instruction and practice resources to address students’ individual needs. As a result, teachers are empowered every day to make more informed instructional decisions, while every student has access to a personal path to growth.

One Oak Grove teacher reflected on using i-Ready in her own data-driven classroom, “The data allows me to delve deeper with my individual students, and in that way, it fosters a human connection that builds trust and inspires us all to be our best.”

What Is a Data-Based Instruction Process?

Data-driven instruction in the classroom involves educators using assessments to guide instruction. This approach to using data in the classroom is based on three key pillars:

  1. Assessment: This is the process of collecting data about what students understand.
  2. Analysis: Educators review assessment data to gain insights into how students are progressing.
  3. Action: Educators can start to differentiate instruction based on students' individual needs.



i-Ready student dashboard.

i-Ready Assessment

Tools to pinpoint student strengths and areas of need and to measure proficiency of on-grade level standards

Laptop showing i-Ready Personalized Instruction for Reading.

i-Ready Personalized Instruction

Online, personalized instruction and practice promote productive struggle to help all learners achieve proficiency.

Ready Reading Grade 4 Student Book.

Ready Instruction

Flexible, standards-based instruction and practice for reading and mathematics.

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Classroom Engagement

Hear how i‑Ready helps engage students, build confidence, and support teacher-student relationships.

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Growth Mindset

Learn how educators use i‑Ready to set goals and conference with students to build a growth mindset.

Speech bubbles.  Voices from Educators

“Learning is a constant journey. i-Ready provides an avenue in which the teacher and student can see and note the journey, the learning that’s happening with students.”

—District Math Coach, Oak Grove SD, CA

“We get to pull data and look at it month to month and celebrate where we’re seeing gains and celebrate the bright spots across campus. Teachers get lifted up by that.”

—Principal, Sakamoto School

“I use i-Ready data in several different ways. From the minute the Diagnostic’s done, I’ll use it to start my instructional groupings. Every week I’ll check to see how the kids are performing. Are they passing each domain and each standard?”

—Kindergarten Teacher, Ledesma Elementary

i-Ready’s different than learning in class because i-Ready knows exactly what you need. I like seeing the numbers . . . and when I improve, I get really happy. That means i-Ready is helping me a lot.”

—6th Grade Student, Sakamoto School