Access and Equity

Providing a Path to Proficiency for Every Student

How i-Ready Diagnostic Encourages Stretch Growth®

Our programs are developed with a core belief that all learners can grow and achieve grade-level expectations. Designed to help educators understand where each student is, set high expectations for student growth, and provide tools to help them reach proficiency, the i-Ready Diagnostic makes information transparent and actionable. i-Ready Diagnostic:

  • Provides a detailed picture of each student’s skills
  • Details actionable next steps for educators to help students grow and ultimately reach grade level
  • Delivers tailored learning opportunities that respect and address the unique needs of each student while striving to get students to grade-level

i-Ready’s Growth Model

In 2018, Curriculum Associates introduced a new approach to measuring student growth. Our goal was to provide educators with a deeper understanding of what it will truly take to achieve student proficiency over time. This understanding comes through the Diagnostic Results report, which provides educators with two growth measures for students:

  1. Typical Growth: Typical Growth demonstrates the annual growth for an average student taking the i-Ready Diagnostic. On its own, it is an insufficient source of information to improve student outcomes because it is a normative measure that is not focused on grade-level proficiency.
  2. Stretch Growth: Stretch Growth demonstrates the amount of growth a student needs to be on the path to grade-level proficiency. It fosters transparency around the work needed to get a student to grade level and promotes higher-expectation settings that students deserve. 
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