What We Do

Supporting Schools during Teacher Shortages and Extended Student Absences

How Our Programs Are Supporting You

We’re here to provide support for our educator partners as they adapt to meet the needs of students while facing near-term teacher shortages and extended student absences due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Our programs and resources help educators save time and maximize instructional impact. They also provide much-needed flexibility during pandemic-related disruption. Find out how we can help you address these unique challenges below.

Instruction You Can Trust When Staffing Is Tight


Laptop showing i-Ready Personalized Instruction for Mathematics.

Program: i-Ready Personalized Instruction

When schools experience intermittent closures and interruptions in staffing, they need tools that will flex during times of uncertainty. i-Ready Personalized Instruction in Reading and Mathematics provides students targeted lessons to address their strengths and opportunities for growth. It also provides detailed guidance for educators on how to use online lessons to tailor instruction for each student.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Student Worktext and Digital Student Worktext.

Program: i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

This core mathematics program includes a suite of tools to help you implement high-quality instruction in any setting. These tools—ranging from digital instruction and practice, to digital assessments and differentiation, to family supports—can also be used to ensure that students receive meaningful instruction when a subject-matter teacher is not available.

Educator with 2 students in a classroom.

Resource: Develop Session Video Library (i-Ready Classroom Mathematics)

Give students 24/7 access to a personal math tutor with videos available directly through the Student Bookshelf within the Student Digital Experience. Develop Session Videos cover essential lesson content and include built-in pauses for independent work and reflection. Students can continue to receive direct instruction and maintain the pace needed to cover the major work of the grade even when teachers are temporarily out of the classroom.

Middle school students in a classroom.

Resource: Pacing Video Series for Educators (i-Ready Classroom Mathematics)

Staying on track to deliver all grade-level content by the end of the year can be challenging, especially when confronting staffing challenges. To help, we have created a video series to help educators understand priority topics for each grade and find opportunities for flexibility within the program. Log in to your i-Ready Connect™ account to explore the video series.

Support for Paraprofessionals, Tutors, and Other Classroom Aids


Tools for Instruction PDF focused on dividing by two-digit numbers.

Resource: Tools for Instruction and Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension (i-Ready Assessment)

Available for all i-Ready Assessment users as downloadable PDFs, Tools for Instruction and Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension follow the same clear structure, allowing these lesson plans to be implemented with little preparation time, making them ideal for use in situations where a regular classroom teacher is not available.

Laptop showing the Teacher Toolbox for Mathematics.

Resource: Teacher Toolbox (i-Ready Assessment and i-Ready Classroom Mathematics)

This digital collection of resources gives leaders and educators access to instructional materials for English language arts and mathematics for Grades K–8 and includes curated resource sets designed to be used by non-classroom teachers to differentiate instruction.

i-Ready printable activity packs.

Resource: Printable Activity Packs (Teacher Toolbox)

Printable Activity Packs provide students with valuable self-directed exercises and practices designed to reinforce key concepts for a given grade level. Accessible from the Teacher Toolbox, these sets of instructional materials and student-directed, grade-level learning activities can be worked on independently or, in the case of younger students, with the support of a family member, caregiver, or tutor.

Discourse supports from the Teacher Toolbox.

Resource: Teacher Toolbox Tutoring Support Packs (Teacher Toolbox)

Tutoring Support Packs assist districts with ensuring that non-classroom teachers working directly with students would have access to appropriate, high-quality resources. Accessible from the Teacher Toolbox, the Packs include a range of lessons, instructional materials, and implementation tools chosen to be used by tutors, paraprofessionals, or other non-classroom school personnel who are working with students to meaningfully advance their learning.

Online Independent Practice to Sharpen Math Skills


Student playing a learning game on a laptop in school.

Resource: Learning Games (i-Ready Personalized Instruction and i-Ready Classroom Mathematics)

i‑Ready’s interactive, online Learning Games develop fun and engaging math fluency and skills practice in a way that develops internal motivation while encouraging productive struggle. Learning Games are available for students in Grades K–8 using i‑Ready Personalized Instruction for mathematics or i-Ready Classroom Mathematics, at district discretion.