i-Ready Assessment

Teacher-Led Lessons to Target Each Skill

Tools for Instruction

The hard work of connecting digital and classroom resources is often left to the teacher. iReady is different because it uses rich assessment data to provide teachers with a complete picture of student performance and ties this data directly to resources that will accelerate growth.

Tools for Instruction are actionable, in-the-moment lesson plans for addressing skills gaps identified by the iReady Diagnostic. These lessons, available at point-of-use in iReady reports as well as in the Teacher Toolbox, are perfect for:

  • Delivering differentiated small group and one-on-one instruction, informed by data
  • Reteaching challenging skills and standards using new strategies and activities
  • Flexible usage by a lead teacher, intervention specialist, or classroom aid

Gif showing the different components of a Tool for Instruction.

Get to Know Tools for Instruction for Grades K–8


An i-Ready Reading Tool for Instruction called "Determine Author's Purpose."

Clearly Structured Lesson Plans

All Tools for Instruction follow the same clear structure, allowing these lesson plans to be implemented again and again with little preparation time. Each step-by-step lesson includes an introduction, an activity, and a Check for Understanding to ensure that students master each concept.

An i-Ready Mathematics Tool for Instruction called "Make a Ten to Add Within 20."

Targeted Instruction

These teacher-led lesson plans help educators deliver targeted, actionable small group and one-on-one instruction. Each lesson concentrates a challenging skill or concept to directly address students’ learning needs.

Laptop showing where a Tool for Instruction is recommended on an i-Ready report.

Available At Point-of-Use

Tools for Instruction are available at point-of-use within iReady's easy-to-use instructional reports. This helps educators immediately start to address students' gaps in learning. Tools for Instruction are also available on the Teacher Toolbox, organized by lesson and standard.

Where to Find Tools for Instruction

Two i-Ready Mathematics Tools for Instruction.

i‑Ready Assessment

Tools for Instruction are at point-of-use in i-Ready reports, because we believe that assessment should not exist without clear instructional next steps.

Laptop showing the Teacher Toolbox.

Teacher Toolbox

Tools for Instruction are available in the Teacher Toolbox to support standards-based small group instruction for Mathematics and Reading.