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Magnetic Reading

Equitable Access to Grade-Level Texts

Magnetic Reading is a supplemental reading comprehension program that helps every student become a skilled, confident reader. Embedded within the program are scaffolds that enable all students to access grade-level content as they go. When used in tandem with the i-Ready Diagnostic, teachers get advanced insights into students’ text readiness and reading skills, plus recommendations about scaffolds they can use to set them up for success.

What’s Included in Magnetic Reading for Grades 3–5

The cover of the Magnetic Reading Student book

Student Book
The main resource to help students become better readers. Strategic scaffolds throughout help students build stamina to read grade-level content.

The cover of the Magnetic Reading Teacher's Guide.

Teacher's Guide
Gives educators everything they need in one print book, including standards-aligned curriculum, content roadmap, scaffolded activities, and assessments.

A laptop displays the Magnetic Reading Teacher Toolbox interface.

Digital Access through the Teacher Toolbox
A digital collection of lessons, activities, and instructional scaffolds helps teachers prepare students for grade-level instruction.

Knowledge-Rich Learning

Magnetic Reading for Grades 3–5 encourages students to build a store of knowledge and vocabulary they can activate when reading future texts. Each unit within the curriculum includes engaging, interrelated texts and Focus Questions to guide learning. Students build knowledge by reading both:

  • Informational texts about a wide range of content areas, including social studies, science, and the arts
  • Literary texts that help them build empathy and awareness, creating more compassionate and inclusive classrooms

Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Pedagogy

When students of all backgrounds are validated and affirmed, they are more likely to feel recognized, valued for their contributions, and ready to learn. In the process of thinking about, talking about, and collaborating around other cultures and experiences, students gain new perspectives and a richer, more connected worldview. Magnetic Reading for Grades 3–5 helps teachers meet the needs of all students by:

  • Suggesting ways to structure activities to embrace a variety of cultural and linguistic behaviors
  • Providing guidance for classroom discussion about culturally authentic texts in the Teacher’s Guide

Scaffolds to Support All Learners

Like you, we believe that students deserve access to equitable learning opportunities. Built using the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines, Magnetic Reading for Grades 3–5 enables every student to engage with high-quality, grade-level texts. Magnetic Reading for Grades 3–5 provides scaffolds to support:

  • Reading complex texts
  • Multiple means of expression
  • Vocabulary development

Data to Inform Instruction

The Grade-Level Scaffolding report uses data from the i-Ready Diagnostic to bring insights directly to each Magnetic Reading lesson. It provides teachers with valuable insights into their students’ text readiness and readiness for the lesson’s standards while also pinpointing information about the knowledge built into the lesson and background knowledge resources.


The Research behind Magnetic Reading

Magnetic Reading is based on research, practical classroom experience, understanding of the cultural and developmental needs of all learners, and the Science of Reading.

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