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Building Knowledge, Honoring All Readers


Welcome to Magnetic Reading

We'd like to introduce you to Magnetic Reading, a new Grades 3–5 reading comprehension program that builds knowledge, scaffolds instruction to support all learners, and uses actionable data to save teachers time.

  • Magnetic Reading is designed to build knowledge and help students make connections between texts.
  • Culturally relevant texts and culturally responsive instructional strategies help students of all backgrounds become part of a thriving reading community.
  • Built with embedded scaffolds to support striving readers and using the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines to improve accessibility, Magnetic Reading opens access for all students to engage with quality grade-level texts.
  • The Grade-Level Scaffolding report simplifies lesson prep. Create a “just-right” reading experience with insights on students’ abilities and guidance on how to pair students for Buddy Reading. (Available for i-Ready Diagnostic subscribers)


Knowledge-Rich Learning

Our knowledge-rich curriculum helps students understand content areas and builds their store of information, which they can activate to make connections when reading future texts. Each unit within Magnetic Reading focuses on engaging, interrelated texts and Focus Questions to guide learning. From prevailing ideas to nondominant narratives, students read to build a framework as they draw on background knowledge and make connections.


Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Culturally responsive texts and instruction validate and affirm students of all backgrounds and help them see themselves as part of a thriving community of cultures and ideas. Students gain new perspectives and a richer, more connected worldview.

Protocols that validate and affirm a variety of cultural behaviors are used to structure reading, writing, and discussion. Additionally, the Teacher's Guide provides guidance for classroom discussion about culturally authentic texts.


Scaffolds to Support Learner Variability

Built using the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines, Magnetic Reading opens access for all students to engage with high-quality grade-level texts and provides teachers with the resources they need to support the diverse needs of their students.

That's why we made sure Magnetic Reading includes three important types of scaffolds: resources for pre-teaching, embedded supports for students, and formative assessment opportunities.


Actionable Data and Insights

The custom Grade-Level Scaffolding report available for every Magnetic Reading lesson answers important questions for teachers, such as: 

  • What are the students reading in the lesson?  Why might this be a challenge for the student? 
  • What is the best way to pair students for buddy reading?
  • Which students are ready for the next standards?  Which students will need additional support or in-depth support?

Available for i-Ready Diagnostic subscribers.


Magnetic Reading Was Developed  in Partnership With:

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John Hopkins Institute for Education

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The Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

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English Learners Success Forum

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Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Get to Know Magnetic Reading: Instructional Resources for Grades 3–5

Drawn in by Magnetic Reading and want to check out a sample lesson? Click the link to the right.

Magnetic Reading Grade-Level Scaffolding report.

Magnetic Reading Grade-Level Scaffolding Report

The Grade-Level Scaffolding report available for every Magnetic Reading lesson delivers reliable, data-informed insights and valuable strategies to craft a successful plan for each student, student group, and strategic pairing. Actionable data and insights offer options for student groups that support learning. Teachers can even access suggestions for reading buddies that take the work out of planning paired reading.

Magnetic Reading Teacher's Guide.

Teacher's Guide

Everything you need in one book, including standards-aligned curriculum, content roadmap, scaffolded activities, and assessments.

Magnetic Reading Student Book.

Student Book

The perfect resource for students to become better readers. Scaffolded supports throughout help students build stamina to read grade-level content.

Teacher Toolbox for Magnetic Reading.

Teacher Toolbox for English Language Arts

Simplify planning with this digital collection of lessons, activities, and instructional supports. In addition to the Teacher Toolbox for Magnetic Reading resources for Grades 3–5, subscribers will also have access to the full range of Ready Reading (Grades K–8) and Ready Writing (Grades 2–5) resources, including multimedia content, discourse supports, and more. For Grades K–1, Teacher Toolbox also includes Read-Aloud Trade Books to support close reading and projectable tutorials to further support skills development.

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