Magnetic Reading books for grades 3, 4, and 5. 

Magnetic Reading for Grades 3–5 connects the art of teaching with the Science of Reading to develop successful, proficient readers.

What happens when you combine an intuitive, systematic instructional approach with rich, engaging texts? Fluent grade-level reading! Magnetic Reading for Grades 3–5 is backed by science and the power of i-Ready Assessment to ensure students are equipped to become confident readers.

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Drive learning with systematic reading instruction.

Numerous scaffolding strategies included in each lesson address diverse learning needs and provide growth opportunities for every student.

An open teacher book has instructions for supporting students, including what to do before and during a particular lesson. 
An open student book shows a lesson with the title,  

Use engaging texts to support grade-level reading.

Rich and varied texts promote reading fluency and comprehension while exposing students to new concepts and building vocabulary.

Unlock achievement with a research-based program.

The Grade-Level Planning (Scaffolding) report helps you meet students where they are and promote growth within a program that's proven to work.