Magnetic Reading Foundations logo beside the print books. 

Magnetic Reading Foundations connects the art of teaching with the Science of Reading to offer students access to new worlds of achievement.

Magnetic Reading Foundations is a Grades K–2 foundational skills reading program providing explicit, systematic instruction that moves students from foundational skills to reading fluency. High-interest fiction and nonfiction texts draw young readers to grade-level learning, helping to solidify crucial foundational skills. Age-appropriate learning opportunities ensure all students are engaged and have access to the right content at the right time.



Empowers educators

with curated materials driven by explicit, systematic instruction.

An open book with a student reading lesson has each word highlighted with a corresponding key. 
A Diagnostic results report shows typical growth and stretch growth targets for a student. 

Powered by the Science of Reading and developed by the company that created i-Ready Assessment, Magnetic Reading Foundations provides actionable instruction based on research and rich data.