Guidance for Tutoring Coordinators

This year more than any other, your students may need support outside of the classroom to get to grade level. We’ve put together a set of easy-to-use resources to help you plan and get the most out of your tutoring program.

Three instructional resources for tutoring.

Instructional Materials for Tutoring

A wealth of instructional materials is available for your K–8 tutoring program. These English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics materials are available for download by users with access to Teacher Toolbox.

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Resources for Tutoring Program Success

Five tips for a successful tutoring program.

Five Tips for a Successful Tutoring Program

These five practices will help you plan, create, and run your tutoring program.

Checklist for Onboarding Tutors.

Checklist for Onboarding Tutors

Use this checklist to effectively onboard tutors.

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How to Create Tutoring Groups with i-Ready Data

Create consistent student groupings based on i-Ready Diagnostic data.

Virtual Courses on Math and Reading Pedagogy

Online Educator Learning Courses: To take the following courses, you must have access to i-Ready Connect and the specified program.

Student working on mathematics worksheet.

Building Procedural Fluency (Ready Classroom License Required)

In this 40-minute course, you will identify ways to help students build the conceptual understanding necessary to support procedural fluency. You will learn about actions you can take to support students in developing accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility through meaningful practice.

Student and teacher reviewing student's progress on reading activity.

Using Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension (i-Ready Reading License Required)

In this 25-minute course, you will learn how to identify priority skills for upcoming ELA instruction, determine which students may need support with these skills, and plan how to use the Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension to prepare students for grade-level content.

Teacher and student working on assignment.

Summer Learning with i-Ready

Using i-Ready instructional tools as part of your summer learning program? Get resources to help you with your implementation.