Reflect and Connect: Summer Actions to Prepare for the Critical First Month Back to School

Featuring John Hattie

Transform Summer Reflection into Back-to-School Momentum


In This Webinar

 The first month back to school is a critical time to make connections from the previous year and generate momentum for student growth. How will you reflect and connect end-of-year data to influence your goals and plans over the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year?

Join Professor John Hattie for a webinar to learn the crucial steps to take during the summer that will help you plan for an impactful and connected first month back to school and how to do it with i-Ready. Discover effective strategies to accelerate student growth and keep the momentum going from one school year to the next.

Plus, enjoy a lively discussion with our panelists, Tyrone Holmes and Danielle Sullivan.

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Meet Your Speakers

Professor John Hattie

Author, Researcher, i-Ready Technical Advisor

Professor John Hattie’s research interests include performance indicators, models of measurement, and evaluation of teaching and learning. Hattie became known to a wider audience with his two books, Visible Learning and Visible Learning for Teachers. Visible Learning is a synthesis of more than 800 meta-studies covering more than 80 million students. According to Hattie, the book is the result of 30 years of research about what works best for learning in schools. 

Hattie serves as a technical advisor for i-Ready as well as chair of the Board of the Australian Institute for Teachers and School Leaders. He also authored Visible Learning: The Sequel: A Synthesis of Over 2,100 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement

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Tyrone Holmes

Chief Inclusion Officer, Curriculum Associates

For more than two decades, Tyrone Holmes has led transformative professional experiences in mathematics for educators at senior levels and is called upon by district and state leadership to consult on equitable learning and positive school culture. An exceptional motivational speaker, Holmes has been in high demand for national conference keynotes and panel discussions with an emphasis on the power of data to spur systemic change. At present, he designs and conducts thought leader think tanks on diversity, inclusion, and culturally responsive ecosystems in schools.

Danielle Sullivan

National Director of Content and Implementation, Curriculum Associates

Danielle Sullivan brings 10 years of teaching experience to her role as a national director of content and implementation at Curriculum Associates. She specializes in establishing and strengthening middle school implementations with an emphasis on student engagement and motivation. Her popular webinars, presentations, and professional development training sessions have established her as a thought leader in educator well-being, personal development, self-care, and community building. Sullivan is the cohost of Curriculum Associates’ Extraordinary Educators™ Podcast, a prolific writer, and a dedicated colleague to the schools and districts with which she partners.

Inspire Potential beyond Expectation

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Get Clear Data

i-Ready Assessment (Grades K–12)

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Accelerate Growth with Connected Instruction

i-Ready Personalized Instruction (Grades K–8)

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i-Ready Stretch Growth as a Path toward Proficiency executive summary.

Set Ambitious, Yet Attainable Goals

Stretch Growth® Research

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The Extraordinary Educators podcast.

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The Extraordinary Educators™ Podcast

Tyrone Holmes dives into what exactly Stretch Growth is and how it differs from scores received from most assessment systems.

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