iReady Reading Inspire a Love of Reading in Every Student

Engaging and Personalized Instruction for All Readers

i-Ready Reading is an online program that helps students of all ages become thoughtful, analytical readers. Grounded in best practice, it engages students as they build new skills and learn to access rigorous, culturally responsive texts. Its personalized instruction adjusts the lesson path to meet every reader at their individual level, enabling teachers to provide a personalized learning experience for each student. 

i-Ready Reading includes:

  • Lessons that teach foundational skills such as phonological awareness, high-frequency words, and phonics to help students understand their connection to reading
  • Vocabulary lessons at earlier grade levels that teach words researchers have identified as the most essential to reading success 
  • Instruction for Grade 3 and above that helps students build word learning strategies that maximize vocabulary acquisition
  • Reading Comprehension instruction that is designed to motivate learners of all ages as they grow accustomed to reading independently 

i‑Ready supports English Learners

English Learners come from a variety of learning backgrounds, experiences, and communities.iReady provides them with engaging grade-level content and scaffolded support that help them achieve academic success.

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success with i‑Ready

Hear how iReady helped empower teachers in one school to tailor their instruction for individual student needs.

Students Achieve Greater Growth with i-Ready

Score Gains for Students Receiving i-Ready Personalized Instruction Relative to Students Not Receiving i-Ready Personalized Instruction

Graph showing growth of students using i-Ready vs. students not using i-Ready.

“I love [i-Ready Reading]. I have a few students in fifth grade who have been struggling with phonics. The lessons designed for them have not only brought up their grades, but I have both parents and grandparents involved with their grandchildren to enhance their learning ability. My students love the games between lessons and it truly is a win situation for all involved!”   Linda, Teacher, MA