When you start with what English Learners can do, they go further.

English Learners come from a broad spectrum of learning backgrounds, experiences, and communities. We recognize the linguistic and cultural assets they bring to the classroom. By providing English Learners with rigorous grade-level content and scaffolded support, we ensure they are on track to achieve academic success.

English Learners using i-Ready Personalized Instruction show remarkable growth.

English Learners who received recommended levels of i‑Ready Personalized Instruction experienced greater learning gains in reading and mathematics than English Learners who did not receive the instruction. Read more.

Graph showing higher rates of growth for English Learners using i-Ready Personalized Instruction.

English Learner and All Student Comparisons from the ESSA Level 3 2017–2018 Study (Curriculum Associates Research Report No. RR 2019-95)

i-Ready is designed with three key principles in mind.

We leverage research-based, best-practice guidance to identify non-negotiable criteria that better support English Learners. This guidance comes from researchers and frameworks from the Council of the Great City Schools, the English Learners Success Forum, and others.

1. Integrate Strategic Scaffolds

i-Ready provides the right amount of scaffolded support to help English Learners build on their existing knowledge and achieve independence.

i-Ready lessons demonstrating support for English Learners through the integration of strategic scaffolds.

2. Support Academic Language Development

i-Ready offers multiple opportunities for English Learners to acquire and use language that increases in complexity.

i-Ready lesson demonstrating support for English Learners through academic language development.

3. Promote Engagement and Access

Through culturally responsive grade-level content, i-Ready ensures English Learners acquire content knowledge while also acquiring language.

i-Ready lesson demonstrating support for English Learners through the promotion of engagement and access.

"We’ve graduated over double the amount [of English Learners] that we have in previous years, and we can attribute that to i-Ready." Principal, California School District

“We’ve seen our English Learner student data just skyrocket.”

Case Study: Spotlight on Oak Grove

Amy Boles is the Director of Educational Services for Oak Grove School District, where more than 70 percent of students are Latino, Asian, or Pacific Islander, and nearly one quarter are English Learners. Read the full case study.