IDEA Funding

Support Public Education for All Students

The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) authorizes funding for districts and schools to provide for early intervention, academic support, and special education programs, including schoolwide Response to Intervention (RTI). Our solutions give educators the tools to make data-driven decisions, monitor progress, differentiate instruction, and support intervention.

Programs Aligned with IDEA

Brigance screening and activities products.


BRIGANCE has been trusted by special educators for more than 35 years to help address a broad range of student needs. The newest BRIGANCE Special Education family of products reflects IDEA requirements as well as the College and Career Readiness Standards and other state standards—it’s all educators need to serve their students in the best way possible. The BRIGANCE Special Education family of products has been officially endorsed by the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE).

We also offer BRIGANCE Early Childhood developmental screens and inventories to help educators identify potential delays and giftedness, support referrals for services, and plan individualized instruction.

Laptop and tablet showing i-Ready student lessons.

i-Ready Assessment and Personalized Instruction

The program’s assessments, data analysis, suite of reports, online learning, and embedded instructional resources all support educators in providing each student the instruction they need.

i-Ready Assessment includes the valid and reliable adaptive i-Ready Diagnostic and progress monitoring components that support a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), such as RTI. Since the program’s release in 2011, many states have reviewed and approved i-Ready as an assessment, screener, instructional resource, or intervention tool.

The National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) evaluated i-Ready Diagnostic as an RTI Academic Screening Tool and as an RTI Academic Progress Monitoring Tool. i-Ready for Mathematics and Reading (Grades 3–8) both received the highest designation in each category for classification accuracy, reliability, and validity.

i-Ready Assessment also combines the power of the i-Ready Diagnostic with a one-on-one, task-based system to screen for potential risk factors for dyslexia. This approach supports reading intervention for students when it is most needed.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics book and digital experience.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

This innovative program encourages student ownership of learning, provides a unique approach to practice, and connects formative data in a way that helps teachers know their students at a much deeper level as they address each student's learning needs.

Magnetic Reading Student Worktext.

Magnetic Reading

Our Magnetic Reading programs for Grades K–5 offer educators an intuitive and systematic approach to instruction. Options for differentiation and built-in scaffolds support every young reader as they explore new worlds within both fiction and nonfiction texts.

Ready Math, Reading, and Writing books.

Ready Mathematics, Ready Reading, and Ready Writing

Aligned to the standards, Ready Mathematics (K–8), Ready Reading (K–8), and Ready Writing (2–5) lessons can be used during whole class or small groups for grade-level instruction, as well as offering additional opportunities for differentiation, introducing new concepts, and reteaching specific standards.

Laptop showing the Teacher Toolbox.

Teacher Toolbox

With this digital collection of standards-based resources for Grades K–8, teachers get the tools they need to introduce new concepts, reteach standards, or help students learn prerequisite skills from earlier grades—and meet the needs of all learners. Teacher Toolbox is a wonderful complement to i-Ready or Ready, or it is available for use as a standalone classroom tool.

Phonics for Reading books.

PHONICS for Reading

This systematic, research-based intervention program accelerates instruction for struggling readers in Grades 3–12 by equipping them with the tools necessary to decode with confidence.

Close up of teacher standing in front of whiteboard.

Professional Learning

Our professional learning infuse proven instructional practices to drive student growth, supporting educators as they accelerate learning for all students. We offer onsite and digital learning options and a powerful network of support  for our educator partners.

Explore Success Stories

Hear from educators as they describe how they came to decide on and implement Ready and i-Ready in communities across the country.

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