Title III Funding

Support the Academic Achievement of English Learners

Title III provides funding to help districts supplement their English language instruction programs. The goal is to enhance the capacity of educators as they work with English Learners (ELs) and improve their proficiency with grade-level content. We recognize the many assets ELs bring to the classroom. Ensuring their success with rigorous grade-level content is our priority and guides our product development.

Programs Aligned with Title III

Laptop and tablet showing i-Ready student lessons.

i-Ready Assessment and Personalized Instruction

i‑Ready is proven to accelerate learning gains for ELs. The program provides the right amount of scaffolded support to help ELs build on their existing knowledge and achieve independence. It supports academic language development, and through culturally and linguistically responsive teaching (CLRT) principles, ensures they gain content knowledge while also acquiring language.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Student Worktext and Digital Student Worktext.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

Our core mathematics program for Grades K–8 integrates language development and mathematics instruction. Students learn to communicate information, ideas, and concepts necessary for academic success. Our Spanish version, i-Ready Classroom Matemáticas, includes a wealth of Spanish resources for instruction, assessment, and differentiation.

Magnetic Reading and Magnetic Reading Foundations student books

Magnetic Reading

Our Magnetic Reading programs ensure every student gets the right support for succeeding as a grade-level reader. Embedded within all instructional pages are English Learner (EL) features to support ELs and leverage the assets they bring to lessons. These features provide specific, targeted suggestions to help teachers understand how to best serve ELs in acquiring grade-level foundational skills in Grades K–2 and comprehension skills in Grades 3–5.

Reading Reading and Ready Writing student books

Ready Reading and Ready Writing

Ready Reading and Ready Writing help all learners develop critical reading and writing skills through opportunities to read, talk, and write about rich, engaging literary and informational texts from a variety of genres. Ready Reading exposes students to academic vocabulary in each lesson and uses an instructional routine that reinforces the word learning strategies ELs need.

Close up of teacher standing in front of whiteboard.

Professional Learning

Our courses and ongoing support go beyond product training to show how our programs support effective instruction to ensure all learners thrive. Professional development for the programs above may be eligible for Title III funding.

Explore Success Stories

Hear from educators as they describe how they came to decide on and implement Ready and i-Ready in communities across the country.

Contact Us for Grant Support

Applying for funding to implement a Curriculum Associates program? The Grants team is here to assist you with:

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