Open the Pathway to Success For Every Student

Actionable Insights. Engaging Instruction.

i-Ready makes the promise of differentiated instruction a practical reality for teachers and students. It was designed to get students excited about learning and to support teachers in the challenge of meeting the needs of all learners. Through the power of one intuitive system whose pieces were built from the ground up to work together, teachers have the tools they need to ensure students are on the road to proficiency.

In a single program, i-Ready:

  • integrates powerful assessments and rich insights with effective and engaging instruction in reading and mathematics to address students’ individual needs
  • empowers teachers every day to make more informed instructional decisions
  • motivates students with access to their own personalized path to growth



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Assessment Suite

Tools to pinpoint student strengths and areas of need and to measure proficiency of on-grade-level standards.

Online Instruction

Online, personalized instruction and practice promote productive struggle to help all learners achieve proficiency.

Teacher Resources

Actionable resources linked to student needs for differentiated and on-grade-level instruction.

Teacher Toolbox

Provides educators with access to thousands of digital K–8 resources to differentiate instruction to each student’s needs.

Instruction That Fits into the Classroom

i-Ready helps teachers enhance classroom learning for all students.

We Asked Educators What They Needed. Then We Built It.

Pinpointing learners’ strengths and gaps and then locating the right instructional resources is a big task for teachers. i-Ready's fully integrated platform streamlines the challenge of differentiating instruction through an all‑in‑one program that delivers data-driven insights to help all learners grow and access rigorous, grade-level content. Discover more about what we do.


i‑Ready’s Reach

The number of students now actively using iReady!


Built for the Classroom, Proven to Work

iReady meets ESSA criteria as an evidence-based intervention, qualifying it for federal and state grant programs.

See How i‑Ready Is Constantly Evolving to Better Help Students Grow!

Through continuous research into how we can better help teachers teach and students learn and ongoing input from those who use iReady, we’re always improving our assessments and instruction.

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