i-Ready Customer Reviews

Here’s what real educators say about using i‑Ready.

"Couldn't Be Happier"

"We just implemented i-Ready this year and couldn't be happier. Any time I have a question, there is always someone to help me through my issue. The program is very user friendly and our students have jumped in and done a great job. One quarter down and we have had a great experience. We are looking forward to all the rich data we will be collecting."

—District Administrator, October 2019

"Close Gaps in Learning"

"This program integrates several things into one . . . standards assessment, progress monitoring, and pathways for our students to close gaps in learning."

—Middle School Teacher, October 2019

"Interesting for the Kids"

"Very user friendly. Interesting for the kids. Easy to see skills mastered and skills that need improvement. Suggested activities and next steps are great too!"

—Elementary School Teacher, October 2019

"Helps Improve Student Growth"

"Working with i-Ready helps improve student growth. It also provides loads of info for me as a teacher as to where each child needs help."

—Elementary School Teacher, October 2019

"Extremely Accurate"

"The Diagnostic is extremely accurate, and I am able to form remediation, enrichment, and study groups with the data that is provided. The Diagnostic also breaks the student's score down into specific skill categories, which allows me to tailor instruction to meet their specific needs. Furthermore, I can tailor my instruction using the Teacher Toolbox. i-Ready has changed how I educate my students, and it has been a fantastic resource."

—School Administrator, October 2019

"In Line With Our Curriculum"

"We started i-Ready last year, and the kids have loved the computer lessons, the beginning videos for each lesson, and I love it as a K–1 teacher! It has helped our school district become in line with our math curriculum. This will benefit our kids for years to come."

—Elementary School Teacher, October 2019

"Lessons Provide Scaffolding"

"The online lessons provide scaffolding for students to access high-interest, interactive text, supporting the teacher's efforts of reading comprehension skill practice."

—Middle School Teacher, October 2019

"Students Enjoy Working on the Program"

"The feedback to students and the data provided to students is very helpful. Students enjoy working on the program. As an administrator, I like that the students are corrected before they go on. I also like the reports that can be generated."

—School Administrator, October 2019

"Scores Align Very Closely"

"The teachers I have spoken to in upper grades really love the i-Ready assessments and tools. They state the scores align very closely to how the students perform on the [state assessment]!"

—Elementary School Teacher, October 2019

"See a Full Range of My Students' Abilities"

"[i-Ready] allows me to see a full range of my students' abilities and watch them grow throughout the course of the year, which helps me understand where they need extra help and how I can provide that assistance. Thus far, I have enjoyed using i-Ready to help guide me in my planning so I can meet students where their needs are. I have used it for instructional lessons as well as groupings and data for parents. It has been helpful."

—Middle School Teacher, October 2019

"Identifies my students' weaknesses"

"The Diagnostic assessment identifies my students' weaknesses and teaches and reteaches the skills necessary [for mastery]."

—School Administrator, August 2019

"Scaffolding for Struggling Students"

"The scaffolding for struggling students—it takes them [from] where they are and moves them up. This is difficult in a classroom."

—Kindergarten Teacher, August 2019

"i-Ready is a Teacher Must-Have!"

"i-Ready is a teacher must-have! As a teacher and mom I love that i-Ready is able to focus in on the needs of a child so their instruction on and offline is appropriate and targeted. I communicate with my daughters’ teachers weekly to make sure they are given assignments that will be beneficial to them to work on at home/school. I am a huge cheerleader for i-Ready, and I can’t wait to see more improvements."

—Third Grade Teacher, August 2019

"Workabale Data Instantly"

“It generates workable data instantly that I can use to better help my students. . . . There is material available on all levels at my fingertips without searching all over everywhere for quality that matches student needs.”

—Third Grade Teacher, August 2019

"True Assessment of Where the Student Is"

"It’s important to me that i-Ready adjusts itself to each child’s individual needs. I also feel that the Diagnostics are a true assessment of where the student is."

—School Administrator, August 2019

"My students love i-Ready"

"My students love i-Ready. They are engaged and look forward to center time each day because of the activities. Once my students take the Diagnostic, I am able to use the results to group them and there are lessons tailored to their needs."

—First Grade Teacher, August 2019

"Easy to Use"

"Easy to use, and the lessons are taught in easy-to-understand language for students."

—Third Grade Teacher, August 2019


“My students really enjoy doing the lessons, especially my students this year. I say that they got bit by the i‑Ready bug.”

—Amy H., Teacher, Arizona


“Last year we started using the i‑Ready and Ready products, [and] the support and quality of the products was great. The support and technology staff understood the elements of good instruction and cared about our school as a whole. We went from a C accountability rating to an A accountability rating. We had aligned, rigorous, and detailed support materials that assisted teachers in their transition in teaching the standards. We now have a K–8 initiative for Ready and i‑Ready supplemental products and the professional development has been outstanding. I rarely endorse products openly, but if you have any doubt about investing in Ready, this is an official five-star review.”

—Cherie L., Principal, Mississippi


“I like the way that the reports show placement in various strands of language arts and support how we can best group our students, including how we can best serve them.”

—Davina S., Teacher, California


“I like how specific the report is. It helps me target individual instruction both on the computer and using other resources.”

—Marianne M., Teacher, California


i-Ready is super easy for administrators. You don’t need a lot of technical skills to oversee this program.”

—Michele H., Curriculum Director, Missouri


“I have been very impressed with the i‑Ready program. It is a wonderful review tool. It is also autonomous and can detect with great precision where my students are academically. One of the most important aspects of this program is its ability to precisely diagnose my children's specific skills needs and continue to assign these skills to that particular student. Finally, there has been a great correlation between my students’ i‑Ready Scale Scores on the Diagnostic test and their Math scores on the [Florida Standards Assessments (FSA)]. If one of my students reaches a scale score of 500 or above on the Diagnostic test, I can be assured with a 98% probability that this student will score a 5 on the FSA. That's a remarkable predictor of your students' success, and [it] can help you sleep a little better on the night before the FSA.”

—Philippe G., Teacher, Florida


“We have used i-Ready for the last two years and have had wonderful success with this program with all students. Teachers keep incentive charts and the students log their 45 weekly minutes. They love to see that they have success every week for meeting their time, and the charts are a huge motivator. Teachers review the weekly lessons and scores with students and talk about what they have learned and what their next steps will be. Our teachers are using the [Teacher] Toolbox standards-based lessons for their Tier 2 students in small group rotations, and they love the scaffolds provided within the lessons. We are seeing growth with most of our students due to the small group rotations and guided practice. Our ELL students love the small group lessons because they are able to work through lessons with the teachers and the support is powerful. We are also using the targeted lessons with our Tier 3 students and seeing a huge boost in student confidence as they receive this one-on-one or small group instruction. Students are gaining skills in areas that they have struggled in for years, and this is a huge motivational factor because they now feel as if they have accomplished something and are able to feel proud of what they can do. When used with fidelity, we are seeing students track their progress, note their success and improvements, take pride in their growth, and students know that if they work hard, there can be a huge payoff.”

—Sheila S., Reading Literacy Coach, Florida


“Students enjoy the program and have made excellent progress. Students who worked on i-Ready during summer school made great growth and were much better prepared to enter the next grade level.”

—Stephanie H., Teacher, Arizona


i-Ready has made such a positive impact on our school site. Students have found a love for the program and get excited to use it. I can’t say the same for other programs out there.”

—Tara R., Math Coach, Florida

i-Ready is a Must Have!

i-Ready has been a great program. I enjoy the challenge my students receive from the deep thinking and questioning. The assessments are great when preparing for standardized tests and require students to critically think. The tutorial videos are great and the students love them! Students enjoy the online component that i-Ready provides. i-Ready is a must have!”

—Whitney L., Teacher, Indiana

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