The Science of Explicit Instruction with Dr. Anita Archer

Educators rely on the Science of Reading when thinking about what to teach in a core or intervention reading class, but it’s also critical to strategize how to teach in order to build student success. In this webinar, Dr. Archer offers a series of memorable “Archerisms” on the Science of Explicit Instruction to help keep these big ideas top of mind when helping students access on-grade level learning.

Whether you are teaching a single word, a whole vocabulary lesson, or a reading strategy, Dr. Archer will help you maximize instructional time with expert advice on instructional approaches such as:

  • Teach the Stuff and Cut the Fluff
  • Learning Is Not a Spectator Sport
  • Teaching the Best and Leaving the Rest
  • Feedback Feeds Forward
  • Practice Makes Permanent, Not Perfect
  • And more!