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PHONICS for Reading

Phonics intervention program for Grades 3–12

PHONICS for Reading Second Level Student Book.

PHONICS for Reading, by Dr. Anita Archer, provides a lifeline to learners who are struggling to read by equipping them with the tools necessary to become independent readers. Highlights of the program include:

  • Content and illustrations that are developmentally appropriate for older students
  • Routine-based instruction that addresses phonics skills gaps
  • Teacher Guide that includes guidance and predictability, making it simple to implement
  • Research-based best practices that produce proficient readers
  • Placement Test to place students into the level that best supports their learning needs

PHONICs for Reading is available in three levels, each covering different skills:

  • Level 1: Short vowels, double consonants, blends, Digraphs
  • Level 2: Vowel and consonant combinations, CVCe words, r-Controlled vowels, word endings
  • Level 3: Vowel and consonant combinations, minor consonant sounds for c and g, minor vowel sound combinations, prefixes and suffixes

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