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Close the Gap to On-Level Reading

The new edition of Phonics for Reading improves engagement and support for students in Grades 3–12 while maintaining the program’s streamlined focus on decoding that has helped so many students rapidly gain the skills and confidence they need to become fluent readers.

Program author Dr. Anita Archer and our team of editors worked with educators using the previous edition to determine the updates that would make the most impact for students while improving ease of use for teachers. The result: a phonics intervention that honors students’ maturity while accelerating them toward grade-level reading.

Celebrate Progress and Deepen Comprehension with Engaging Decodable Texts

Extended decodable texts—both informative and narrative—provide meaningful practice for skills taught with supports for knowledge building, comprehension, and vocabulary.

  • Students build stamina for lengthier reading assignments.
  • Teacher Reads feature and sentence stems support comprehension.
  • Challenge Texts in Level C provide skills transfer to on-grade level reading.

Drive Growth with Expanded Practice and Assessment

Students practice skills and build accuracy in a variety of formats, while expanded opportunities for progress monitoring help teachers understand students' learning needs.

  • Extra practice is available digitally on the new Teacher Toolbox.*
  • Unit Check-Ups track growth at the end of each unit.
  • Students are engaged in monitoring their own progress throughout each lesson.

Strengthen Interventions with Improved Teacher Support

A range of improvements support ease of use for teachers delivering phonics intervention.

  • Student Book snippets and color coding makes the teacher script easier to follow.
  • Sample student responses take the guesswork out of listening for correct responses.
  • Embedded English Learner guidance helps teachers understand English Learners' needs.
  • Digital access to Phonics for Reading through the Teacher Toolbox* provides a wealth of additional resources, including lesson slides and Articulation Videos.

*Digital access to Phonics for Reading through Teacher Toolbox will be available in June 2024.

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