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Tools to Empower Students to Think Critically

ThinkUp! Educator Resources

Educators need teaching tools that are convenient, reliable, and effective. ThinkUp! educator resources provide access to proven strategies for lesson planning and classroom instruction. These handheld teaching tools support educators as they adapt instruction to meet the learning needs of all students.


Critical Thinking Educator Wheel cover.

Critical Thinking Educator Wheel

Applicable for Levels K–12

Weave critical thinking into lesson plans for all subjects at all grade levels with this easy-to-use wheel. Questioning prompts and useful information make this a go-to reference for teachers as they prompt deeper levels of thinking among their students.

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ThinkUp! Critical Thinking Student Wheels and Teacher Guide cover.

ThinkUp! Critical Thinking Student Wheels and Teacher Guide

Available for Levels 1–12

By using these wheels and the Teacher Guide, educators can help students develop and improve their questioning and thinking skills. Student engagement will increase with each lesson, and they will take a more active role in their learning.

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Depth of Knowledge/Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel cover.

Depth of Knowledge (DOK)/Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy (RBT) Wheel

Applicable for Levels K–12

Inspire students to a deeper understanding of the content and challenge them to higher levels of thinking with our award-winning DOK/RBT Wheel. Integrate both thinking models during daily instruction to span a wide range of cognitive rigor and lead students to become independent thinkers.

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Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Educator Wheel cover.

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Educator Wheel

Applicable for Levels K–12

The SEL Educator Wheel supports teachers and other educators in successfully creating a culture conducive to learning, resulting in improved teacher and student performance and increased overall achievement.

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ADD/ADHD Wheel cover.


Applicable for Levels K–12

Help learners with ADD/ADHD to be viewed as positive learners and improve interactions among their peers. This wheel skillfully guides teachers, parents, and specialists as they collaboratively make decisions to help students with ADD/ADHD succeed. Teachers equipped with these strategies can give these learners opportunities to participate meaningfully in the classroom and schoolwide environments.

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Accommodations Wheel cover.

Accommodations Wheel

Applicable for Levels K–12

Use this quick reference tool to select and plan accommodations for students who are struggling. This wheel includes implementation strategies to help teachers, specialists, and parents collaborate to design opportunities that help students gain equal access to instruction and actively participate with other students.

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Multi-Tiered System of Supports Flip Chart cover.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports Flip Chart

Applicable for Levels K–12

Establish a multi-tiered and integrated system of supports to prevent academic failure by using the RTI and PBIS frameworks. This robust flip chart helps teachers at all levels implement academic and behavioral strategies interwoven with social-emotional skills and competencies to ensure student success.

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Master Instruction Strategies Flip Chart cover.

Master Instructional Strategies Flip Chart

Applicable for Levels K–12

Meet the diverse needs of all learners with a go-to resource packed with hundreds of instructional strategies from the major instructional schools of thought. This flip chart is easy to use and supports high-quality instruction with academic and behavioral strategies designed with all learners in mind.

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T-TESS Flip Chart cover.

T-TESS Flip Chart

Applicable for Levels K–12

Implement T-TESS with the help of a flip chart designed to guide instruction before, during, and after the lesson and to support the shift toward student-centered classrooms. The flip chart addresses each dimension of T-TESS domains 1–3 and serves as a powerful tool to help administrators and teachers engage in deeper conversations about educational practices and create a schoolwide culture of continuous growth.

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Critical Thinking in the Classroom: A Practitioner’s Guide cover.

Critical Thinking in the Classroom: A Practitioner’s Guide

Applicable for Levels K–12

This book provides a foundation for teaching critical thinking in Grades K–12 classrooms, including more than 100 practical tools and strategies to ensure effective implementation. A variety of thinking frameworks and other research from leading educational experts help to frame the practical ideas.

Cover of the "9 traits of critical thinking" coloring book and a sample of the pages inside.

[Free Download] 9 Traits of Critical Thinking Coloring Book

Students become more effective thinkers and problem solvers when they apply the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking—which are integrated throughout the ThinkUp! curriculum. Introduce the nine traits to your classroom with this free coloring book!

Preview of the classroom poster available for download that outlines all 9 traits of critical thinking.

[Free Download] 9 Traits of Critical Thinking Classroom Poster

By modeling and teaching the critical thinking traits across the curriculum, educators can build a thinking culture that supports growth and achievement. Use this poster in your classroom to remind students to apply the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking!