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Assessment of Basic Skills-Revised, Spanish Edition
ISBN: 978-0-7609-4083-9
© 2007, 1984, 1983

Determine language dominance and PLOP, provide targeted instruction, write IEPs, and monitor progress for Spanish-speaking students. This comprehensive, user-friendly BRIGANCE® Assessment of Basic Skills–Revised, Spanish Edition (ABS–R) is designed primarily for use in elementary and middle schools that offer bilingual, dual-language (two-way immersion), ELL, migrant, and bilingual special education programs. It is a valuable resource in schools that emphasize individualized instruction.

  • Determine students' language dominance
  • Differentiate between language proficiency and learning challenges
  • Identify present level of performance
  • Develop goals and objectives for IEPs
  • Report and monitor progress

For information on the Spanish edition of the BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development II (Inventario de Desarrollo Temprano II), please call Customer Service at 800-225-0248.

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  Assessment of Basic Skills-Revised, Spanish Edition WS10405 978-0-7609-4083-9     $185.00

The ABS–R is helpful to programs serving students with special needs whose primary language is Spanish.

  • Criterion and text referenced
  • Includes dominant language screening form
  • Many assessments contain two forms to be used as a pretest and post test
  • Makes recordkeeping fast, efficient, and easily interpretable
  • No special training necessary to administer

The ABS–R assesses 26 criterion-referenced skill areas, including:

  • Readiness
  • Speech, listening, oral reading*
  • Word recognition*, word analysis*, vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension*
  • Spelling*, writing*
  • Numbers, number facts
  • Computation*—whole numbers, fractions, decimals
  • Math problem solving*

*grade-placement tests are provided

To support assessment with the ABS–R, the following products are available:

  • ABS–R Inventory—gives directions for administering each assessment and includes comprehensive and supplemental skill sequences
  • Student Record Book—tracks and records assessments administered, responses, progress, and instructional objectives
  • Student Profile Test Booklet—student pages for seven grade-placement tests determine need for further assessment and collect placement data
  • Student Profile Test Booklet Teacher Guide—Directions for using the Student Profile Test Booklet and graphing the results
  • Class Record Book—matrix of skills assessed, skills mastered, and objectives

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BRIGANCE® Assessment of Basic Skills–Revised, Spanish Edition

Criterion-Referenced Skill Areas

The ABS–R features the same criterion-referenced skill areas as found in the CIBS–R.

  • Readiness
  • Speech
  • Listening Vocabulary Comprehension*
  • Listening Comprehension*
  • Word Recognition*
  • Oral Reading*
  • Reading Vocabulary Comprehension*
  • Reading Comprehension*
  • Word Analysis*
  • Functional Word Recognition
  • Spelling*
  • Writing*
  • Reference Skills
  • Graphs and Maps
  • Math Computational Skills*
  • Math Problem Solving*
  • Numbers
  • Number Facts
  • Computation of Whole Numbers
  • Fractions/Mixed Numbers
  • Decimals
  • Percents
  • Time
  • Money
  • Measurement/Geometry
  • Metrics

*Grade-Placement Tests are provided for these skills.

Free on-demand training videos are available in the BRIGANCE Courses section of the Professional Development tab.


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