FOCUS on Reading

Concentrated Practice to Reinforce Essential Reading Strategies

FOCUS on Reading is composed of six titles, each devoted to a specific strategy, including Comparing and Contrasting, Making Predictions, Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences, Recognizing Cause and Effect, Understanding Sequence, and Understanding Main Idea and Details.

Each title is designed to help students concentrate on applying one strategy to short pieces of text. Students gain experience with short response questions to make sure they fully grasp each strategy. Students also have plenty of opportunities for focused practice.

For mathematics practice, see FOCUS on Mathematics.

Get to Know FOCUS on Reading

Each of the six titles in the FOCUS on Reading series are available in Levels A–H (Grades 1–8).

FOCUS on Reading Student Book.

Student Book

Each Student Book opens with a Learn About section, which offers an overview of the material with instruction and modeling. This section is followed by the Lesson Preview, which includes guided practice with scaffolding, plus sample questions with correct and incorrect responses for discussion. Student Books also include 20 independent practice lessons and five self-assessments.

Download a free sample of FOCUS on Comparing and Contrasting:

FOCUS on Reading Teacher Guide.

Teacher Guide

Each Teacher Guide includes a research summary, strategies for teaching English Learners, answer forms, and answer keys.

Download a free sample lesson of FOCUS on Comparing and Contrasting:

“The FOCUS series is a must-have for any educator. This series enables you to specifically target the areas of reading comprehension that your students are needing help in.” Stephanie Sanchez, California