Grades 1–4+

Strengthen Your Students’ Reading Skills

For primary students, struggling readers, and English Learners, this important resource explores the relationship between letters and the speech sounds they represent. Students learn to recognize patterns that will help them read and pronounce more challenging words. QUICK-WORD Phonics includes:

  • Consonants/consonant blends
  • Consonant digraphs
  • Silent consonants
  • Consonants and the /f/ sound
  • Short and long vowels
  • Vowel diphthongs
  • R-controlled vowels
  • Differing sound bites
  • Glossary
  • Space for student's own word list 

Get to Know QUICK-WORD Phonics

QUICK-WORD Phonics Handbook.

QUICK-WORD Phonics Handbook

Teachers can use QUICK-WORD Phonics for instruction in structural analysis, phonics, and word-attack skills. Students can also use QUICK-WORD Phonics independently, referring to its glossary and sections.