Grades 1–7+

Help Your Spanish-Speaking Students Learn to Write the Right Way

The PALABRA LISTA series is like a permanent, portable word wall that contains words students use frequently in their writing. The handbooks include:

  • Alphabetical listings of high-frequency writing words
  • Writing lines for students to add their personal writing words
  • A homophone guide and sentences
  • Days, months, and number words
  • Color words
  • Names of animals
  • Parts of the body
  • Kinds of foods


PALABRA LISTA Manual para escritores principiantes.

Manual para escritores principiantes (Grades 1–2)

This handbook features 330 reference words modeled in context sentences. It also includes writing lines for students to add personal words.

PALABRA LISTA Manual para escritores.

Manual para escritores (Grades 2+)

This handbook features more than 700 high-frequency writing words in Spanish and space for adding personal words. It also includes a homophone guide and sentences, verb changes, words with accent marks, commonly used phrases, and common abbreviations.