i-Ready Success in Action

How It Works

One of the most frequent questions we get about iReady is, “What does success look like in real schools and classrooms?” A successful iReady implementation is one in which the classroom teacher is at the center. She is making instructional decisions based on her own knowledge of her students and is supported by insightful iReady Assessment data that is a complement to her instincts, not a replacement for them. She is taking advantage of the wide range of instructional tools that are part of the iReady suite to reach every one of her students—individually, in small groups, or as part of her whole class instruction.

But making time for iReady during the busy school day while remaining focused on what matters is not always intuitive. Below, we share some tips and advice for ensuring you are ready for success with iReady.


Focusing on Six Key Teacher Actions

From our work with thousands of teachers, we have learned that focusing on the following key actions helps unlock iReady’s full potential to help teachers meet each student’s unique needs.

  1. Prepare for and actively monitor each Diagnostic, preparing students, encouraging focus, and closely monitoring rushing and completion.
  2. Establish schedules that allow for Personalized Instruction, striving to give students access to 45 minutes of instruction per subject per week.
  3. Review reports after each Diagnostic, focusing on Diagnostic Results, Instructional Groupings, and Diagnostic Growth. Review data from interim assessments to prioritize and adjust instruction.
  4. Monitor student progress and respond by checking usage, percent of lessons passed, and alerts weekly to adjust schedules and your instruction when students struggle and domains are shut off.
  5. Deliver differentiated small group instruction weekly, grouping students based on their iReady data and using recommended resources to guide instruction and deepen their understanding.
  6. Set clear goals for students and celebrate growth and progress, making sure goals are visible in classrooms, and regularly taking time to track progress and have data chats with students.

See what success looks like in action.


Get Started with i‑Ready

Check out the many resources available at our support site, i‑Ready Central.

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Fitting It in: Using iReady to Complement Classroom Routines 

Key milestones mark an iReady year, starting with the very first Diagnostic. Beyond being “just another test,” this first Diagnostic assists teachers in charting a course for their instruction and drives iReady Personalized Instruction paths for each student. A mid-year and end-of-year Diagnostic helps students and teachers measure growth and have constructive data chats about progress and goals. Teacher-led and personalized instruction continue throughout the year, addressing class and individual needs, while iReady Standards Mastery helps teachers determine readiness for state assessments and gives them tools to correct common misconceptions of key topics. Teachers and administrators get support all year long from the iReady team to continue on their path toward success for all students!

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