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Release Roundup

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What's New in i-Ready

i-Ready updates are extensively researched, tested in classrooms, and built to address your needs. We’ve rounded up key updates from this release to help you get the most out of i-Ready.

New for i-Ready Assessment

Student Experience

  • Optimize testing time for students in Grades 3–12 who have previously completed a Diagnostic with the ability to skip the Diagnostic Introduction Video and tutorials.

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Previous Updates

In case you missed it, check out our recent past updates to i-Ready:


  • Gain more insight into student performance with an overall view of comprehension of both fiction and nonfiction texts expanded to the Instructional Groupings (District, School, and Class) reports.
  • Find Historical Results reports more easily with direct linking from the Diagnostic Growth (District/School, Class, Student) reports.
  • Better understand strengths and needs within demographic groups by filtering two attributes on the Personalized Instruction Summary (District/School) report.
  • Share the For Families report in a scalable, timely way with access for parents and caregivers through the student dashboard.

Connected Resources

  • Address essential Grades K–3 foundational Spanish reading skills with new Tools for Instruction for Spanish Reading.
  • Strengthen the oral reading fluency skills of your students in Grades 5–8 with an expansion of Reading Fluency Practice passages in English.
  • Find Reading and Mathematics lessons to support summer learning programs with new filtering available for Teacher-Assigned Lessons.
  • Easily share and access linked Teacher Toolbox resources with one simple login step.

Available for district and school administrators only

  • Export information from the Diagnostic Status (Class) report and for all students in a School & Grade on the Diagnostic Status (District/School) report with an expanded CSV download.
  • Save time with filtering that reduces the file size of the Personalized Instruction by Lesson export.
  • Analyze your Literacy Tasks data outside of i-Ready with new Literacy Tasks exports for Benchmark and Progress Monitoring assessments.
  • View all student data from the Assessment of Spanish Reading in a single location.

Personalized Instruction

  • Support Spanish reading comprehension and fluency in Grades 3–5 with new Spanish Vocabulary lessons that focus on context clues and word families. Learn more.
  • Engage students in new Grade 8 Measurement lessons featuring more interactivity and deeper standards coverage.
  • More easily find and assign the Spanish Reading lessons aligned with the Spanish Reading Recommended Sequence Guide with filtering on the dashboard.
  • Help students focus on the Spanish phonics skills that will benefit them the most with new Quick Checks for Grades K–2.

Teacher-Led Mathematics

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

  • Expand family engagement with additional translations of the Family Resource Guide on the i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Student Bookshelf.
  • Help all students access mathematics content with improved digital accessibility of i-Ready Classroom Mathematics ©2024 Student Worktexts on the Teacher Toolbox. For i-Ready Classroom Mathematics ©2024 users only.
  • Get powerful results with i-Ready Classroom Mathematics ©2024, the core Grades K–8 mathematics program that increases student engagement while keeping instruction manageable.

Teacher-Led Reading

Magnetic Reading

  • Provide students in Grades 3–5 with opportunities to strengthen word-analysis skills with new spelling lists aligned to Magnetic Reading lessons available via digital access through the Teacher Toolbox. Available for users of Magnetic Reading.

Magnetic Reading Foundations

  • Connect the art of teaching with the Science of Reading to move students in Grades K–2 from foundational skills to reading fluency with Magnetic Reading Foundations