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Release Roundup

Improving for You

Start using key updates from this release to help you:

  • Understand strengths and areas for growth more distinctly within demographic groups by selecting two attributes to filter results on Diagnostic reports in i-Ready Connect™.
  • Engage your Grades K–8 Spanish-speaking English Learners with personalized lessons in their native language that allow them to demonstrate their understanding of mathematical concepts, and immerse students receiving instruction in Spanish to build on their language and mathematical abilities at the same time with My Path for Math in Spanish.
  • Provide your Spanish speakers and learners with multiple exposures to key Spanish vocabulary to support them in Spanish Reading Comprehension instruction with responsive Spanish Vocabulary lessons for Grades K–2.

Improvements this school year span i-Ready Assessment and i-Ready Learning.

New for i-Ready Assessment


  • Understand students’ overall reading performance with digital data entry and reporting for Benchmark Administration and Progress Monitoring Literacy Tasks in i-Ready Connect.
  • Prepare students for upcoming Reading lessons with high-quality instructional materials, teaching strategies, and recommended reading pairs on the Grade-Level Scaffolding report for Grades 3–8.
  • Gain more insight into student performance with an overall view of comprehension of both fiction and nonfiction texts on i-Ready Diagnostic reports.
  • Search the Prerequisites report for mathematics by keyword to find the mathematics instructional content that is right for your students.
  • Look back at student performance in each Personalized Instruction domain from the previous academic year in the Historical Results (Class) report.  


  • Discover new Tools for Instruction that strengthen students’ skills in the order of operations and address the key phonological awareness and phonics skills.
  • Find the right resources to target specific topics and skills using the keyword search bar to choose Tools for Instruction from all grade levels.
  • Strengthen oral reading fluency skills of students in Grades 1–4 with Passage Reading Fluency resources found on a new Reading Fluency Practice page in i-Ready Connect.
  • Help your middle school readers get the most out of grade-level reading instruction with new Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension.

Available for district and school administrators only

  • Analyze your Literacy Tasks data outside of i-Ready Connect with new Literacy Tasks exports for Benchmark and Progress Monitoring assessments.
  • View all student data from the Assessment of Spanish Reading in a single location.
  • Improve your data analysis outside of i-Ready Connect with new fields in the Diagnostic Results export, including the inclusion of unenrolled students, easier identification of students’ baseline Diagnostic, new columns tracking progress to Typical Growth and Stretch Growth®, and more.

New for i-Ready Learning

Personalized Instruction

  • Help your Spanish speakers and learners build stronger reading comprehension strategies with new Spanish Reading Comprehension lessons for Grades 3–5 designed to keep students focused and engaged.
  • Support students’ reading comprehension with new Vocabulary lessons for Grades 6–8 integrated within the Comprehension domain to teach vocabulary in the context of reading, provide repeated exposure to words, and prepare students for passages they will see in upcoming lessons.  
  • Engage students with new English and Spanish Mathematics lessons designed to motivate all learners and develop conceptual understanding for Grades 3–8.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

  • Find and assign student-facing i-Ready Classroom Mathematics resources directly within your learning management system. Initial setup is completed by i-Ready Technical Support.
  • Support students working on mathematics content outside their chronological grade level with access to two eBooks. In districts with access to Spanish eBooks, Spanish versions of each grade-level eBook can also be enabled.  

Magnetic Reading Foundations

  • Teach foundational skills effectively and nurture lifelong readers with Magnetic Reading Foundations for Grades K–2. All high-quality instructional materials are available for download via digital access to the program (through the Teacher Toolbox) in participating districts.