Title II Funding

Support High-Quality Teachers and Leaders

Federal Title II, Part A grants help schools and districts increase student achievement by building the capacity and efficacy of highly qualified teachers and leaders. Through ongoing, data-driven, and classroom focused professional development, educators refine their practice and enhance their effectiveness.  In our professional development courses, educators learn carefully developed practices to help them optimize the use of our programs from day one and drive student growth.

Programs Aligned with Title II

i-Ready student dashboard.

i-Ready Assessment and Personalized Instruction

Our i-Ready Professional Development curriculum is designed to yield essential outcomes for teachers, coaches, and leaders via a series of courses that are personalized, timely, action-oriented, and flexible. Our professional development equips teachers and leaders at all phases of implementation with strategies and tools that transform schools and classrooms and lead to student growth.

Laptop showing the Teacher Toolbox for English Language Arts.

Teacher Toolbox

Our digital collection of educator resources for Grades K–8 includes point-of-use Tools for Instruction focused on a specific skill. These downloadable step-by-step lesson plans provide background on the targeted skill, a variety of ways to approach teaching or reinforcing the skill, and how to identify and remedy common student misconceptions.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Student Worktext and Digital Student Worktext.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

Educators learn carefully developed practices built around the most important actions to drive meaningful mathematics conversations for conceptual understanding. Each i-Ready Classroom Mathematics course is carefully aligned to the NCTM Teaching Practices so educators deepen their understanding of how best to teach mathematics as they improve their understanding of our core program.

Close up of teacher standing in front of whiteboard.

Professional Development

Based on insights from our ongoing research, our professional development courses scaffold knowledge and infuse proven instructional practices to drive student growth. We offer onsite and digital learning options and a powerful network of support for our educator partners.

Explore Success Stories

Hear from educators as they describe how they came to decide on and implement Ready and i-Ready in communities across the country.

Contact Us for Grant Support

Applying for funding to implement a Curriculum Associates program? The Grants team is here to assist you with:

  • Product Narrative: We can supply sample language describing our product and services for your application.
  • Customized Grant Toolkit: For selected funding opportunities, we can provide sample product narrative customized to the specific grant.
  • Grant Review: For select proposals, we can review your narrative with our product information and offer feedback on how the content aligns with the grant requirements/priorities.