STAMS Solve®

Student Practice to Support Mastery of the Foundational Math Skills

STAMS Solve provides students in Grades 3–8 with carefully scaffolded and sequenced practice on the math skills they need to understand to move to the next grade level. This flexible practice book can be used on its own or with the STAMS instructional series to reinforce foundational skills.

  • Questions reinforce conceptual understanding, not just rote and repetitive drill.
  • Perfect for small group settings, extended day programs, and at-home practice.


STAMS Solve provides practice on the same 16 foundational topics and the additional Common Core State Standards (CCSS) lessons found in each STAMS book. Lesson topics have been carefully sequenced so students move from model problems that will activate knowledge to more complex content. Topics include: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Ratios, Proportional Relationships, Expressions, Equations, Plane Geometry, Linear Measurement, Area, Surface Area, Volume, and Graphs.

Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success Solve Student Book.

Student Book

To ensure students are practicing the types of questions most conducive to learning the key concepts, the following question types are included throughout STAMS Solve:

  • Solve: Short-answer, fill-in-the-blanks, and multistep problems are geared toward helping students think through a concept.
  • Test practice: Multiple-choice, short-response, and extended-response problems prepare students to think flexibly to solve problems they will encounter on test day.
  • Mental math: Problems can be solved in the students’ heads after answering a series of leading questions.
  • Reasoning: Problems require students to use higher-order thinking skills, including the abilities to evaluate, analyze, and justify.
  • Connect: Activity-based/interactive problems require students to make connections and apply what they have learned.

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Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success Solve Teacher Guide.

Teacher Guide

Teacher Guides include facsimiles of Student Book pages and reproducible practice sets on additional CCSS to give you the support you need to ensure that your students are mastering the key mathematics skills for each grade level.

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