Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success

The STAMS® Series

Target Individualized Instruction on Essential Math Skills

Using results from the CAMS® series, the Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success (STAMS) series helps educators teach key foundational math skills and concepts for each grade.

  • Highly scaffolded lessons and a consistent instructional routine reteach concepts that students never mastered.
  • Student pages are highly visual to make the lesson more engaging and accessible for struggling learners.
  • Engaging Interactive Whiteboard Activities for every lesson.

Get to Know STAMS

STAMS is ideal for students who need extra support to meet grade-level math requirements. Lesson topics have been carefully sequenced so students move from basic skills to more complex content. Topics include: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Ratios, Proportional Relationships, Expressions, Equations, Plane Geometry, Linear Measurement, Area, Surface Area, Volume, and Graphs.

Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success Student Book.

Student Book

Student Books provide highly scaffolded and visually appealing lessons designed specifically to support struggling students. All skills and concepts in each grade level of STAMS have been identified as the most important math skills students need to master to move on to the next grade level.

  • Five-part lessons provide focus and depth on each topic.
  • As students move through each five-part lesson, support is gradually removed to build student independence.
  • At each stage of the lesson, students become more accountable for their learning.
  • Students solve increasingly challenging problems as they move through each lesson.
  • Each lesson includes instruction and practice in answering multiple-choice, extended-response, and short-response questions.

Download a free sample lesson:

Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success Teacher Guide.

Teacher Guide

Teacher Guides give you the structure and support you need to teach lessons most effectively, using best practices such as wait time, collaborative learning, and informed progress monitoring. Key features in each lesson include:

  • Math Background helps teachers understand why the content of a particular lesson is important for students to learn.
  • Step-by-step instruction walks teachers through what they need to say and do during each part of the lesson.
  • Answer Analysis explains why an answer is correct and also shows the types of errors students make that lead them to answer questions incorrectly.
  • Error Alert points out common errors students make.
  • Additional Activities reinforces conceptual understanding.
  • ELL Support alerts you to words that might be making it harder for English Learners to learn a skill.

Download a free sample lesson:

Nationally Recognized

The CAMS and STAMS series were both named 2011 AEP (Association of Educational Publishers) Distinguished Achievement Award Finalists.

Proven to Work

The Educational Research Institute of America completed a study of the instructional effectiveness of CAMS and STAMS.