Ready Texas Assessments

Preparing for the STAAR

Texas Assessments

Ready Texas Assessments offer students and educators in Texas a program designed to address the rigors of the STAAR test and develop mastery of the eligible grade-level Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

The Student Assessments Book features three full-length assessments that align with the latest STAAR blueprint and its reporting category levels. Questions are reflective of the item types found on the STAAR and assess students' understanding of multiple TEKS.

The Teacher Guide provides educators with correlations to STAAR Reporting Categories and TEKS student expectations. Also included are program use suggestions/instructions and answer keys.

Get to Know Texas Assessments

Ready Texas Assessments were developed in the format of the STAAR test with a focus on the TEKS that are eligible to be assessed. Each subject contains three practice tests.

STAAR Ready Texas Mathematics Grade 4 Student Assessments Book.

Mathematics Assessment Solution—English (Grades 2–8) and Spanish (Grades 2–5)

Gives students authentic test-taking practice to build confidence. Three practice tests provide additional practice on TEKS standards that are eligible to be assessed on the STAAR. Fully aligned to match the latest STAAR blueprint.

Ready Texas Writing Grade 4 Student Assessments Book.

Writing Assessment Solution—English (Grades 4 & 7) and Spanish (Grade 4)

Prepares students for writing their STAAR assessment composition through writing prompts similar to those found on the test, where students are responsible for revising, editing, and applying conventions of written language. This assessment solution replaces STAAR Ready Test Practice.

STAAR Ready Texas Science Grade 5 Student Assessments Book.

Science Assessment Solution—English (Grades 5 & 8) and Spanish (Grade 5)

A practical resource to help students prepare for the STAAR Science assessment. Questions reflect the challenge and rigor of the TEKS expectations related to Matter and Energy; Force, Motion, and Energy; Earth and Space; Organisms and the Environment. This assessment solution replaces STAAR Ready Test Practice.

STAAR is a federally registered trademark owned by the Texas Education Agency, and is used pursuant to license.

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