Magnetic Reading Student Books for Grades K–5. 

Magnetic Reading K–5 connects the Art of Teaching with the Science of Reading.

Welcome to Magnetic Reading K–5, where the art of teaching connects to the Science of Reading. Magnetic Reading’s systematic approach to instruction and rich, engaging texts draw students to the center of learning each and every day.

Used as a component to complement any core reading program, Magnetic Reading Foundations K–2 provides the foundation needed for students to learn to read and connects to the comprehension skills taught in Magnetic Reading 3–5, where students read to learn. When used with the power of i-Ready Assessment, Magnetic Reading K–5 ensures every student gets the right support for succeeding as a grade-level reader.

Magnetic Reading Foundations books.

Magnetic Reading Foundations

Magnetic Reading Foundations is a Grades K–2 foundational skills reading program providing explicit, systematic instruction that moves students from foundational skills to reading fluency.


Magnetic Reading Foundations Grade 1 decodable library components.

Classroom Decodable Set

The Classroom Decodable Set is a collection of authentic literary and informational texts with which students can begin to build background knowledge as they practice decoding.


Magnetic Reading student books.

Magnetic Reading

Magnetic Reading is a Grades 3–5 reading comprehension program that connects the art of teaching with the Science of Reading to develop successful, proficient, and confident readers.


Magnetic Reading Is Based on the Science of Reading

Magnetic Reading . . .

Empowers Educators

with curated materials driven by explicit, systematic instruction

Magnetic Reading Teacher's Guide. 
Magnetic Reading Student Book pages. 

Elevates engagement

with a full palette of texts that develop active readers

Ensures efficacy

with the Science of Reading’s evidence-based practices

Grade-Level Scaffolding report shown on a laptop. 

Magnetic pricing.

Please note, Magnetic Reading can only be sold to schools and educational institutions.