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Setting You Up for Success

Competent examiners are well versed in their instruments, from selecting an age-appropriate tool, to spotting the difference between marginal, emerging, and inconsistent skill mastery, to staying “on script” when necessary and scoring accurately. 

The goal is to collect the most accurate results possible, and in turn, identify the most appropriate—even life-changing—next steps. 

With our professional learning offerings, we aim to make the BRIGANCE screeners and assessment tools easy to use and understand, so educators can channel their energy toward getting accurate, actionable information to help ready each child for kindergarten.

Watch Examiners Use the Screens III

Four-Year-Old Screening Video Clip (10 min)

Watch this video to see the rapport between an examiner and a four-year-old during screening.

Watch Video

Five-Year-Old Screening Video Clip (13 min.)

Watch this clip to see the rapport between an examiner and a five-year-old during screening.


Five-Year-Old, Four-Year-Old, and Toddler Screening Video Clips (3 mins)

Watch these clips to see the developmental screening process for different ages.


Three-Year-Old Screening Video Clip (9 min)

Watch this video to see the rapport between an examiner and a three-year-old during screening.

Watch the Video

For Best Results, Achieve Mastery with an Onsite Course or Live Webinar

A dedicated PL Specialist will help you identify desired outcomes and select the course and format to fit your needs. Onsite courses last three hours, and webinars run about 90 minutes.

Choose Your Training Curriculum

Continually evolving to meet educator needs, our trainings are highly interactive and streamlined to send participants off with a sense of confidence and enthusiasm.


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Review in-depth descriptions of each of our course offerings, including participant outcomes, available formats, and pricing.