Ready Reading

Building a Love of Reading

Ready Reading

Ready Reading’s rigorous yet supportive content is proven to make today’s demanding standards reachable for all students. Its complex, authentic texts engage students in opportunities to practice close reading strategies across a variety of genres and formats.

Ready Reading instruction uses a consistent Read, Think, Talk, Write model in which teacher-led discussion and small group collaboration are central to student achievement. Lessons scaffold to build students’ confidence as they develop important critical thinking and analytical skills. Students are immediately engaged by the variety of real-world source texts, from literature and poetry to blogs and news articles.

Ready Reading supports students and teachers with a wealth of on- and off-grade level resources. The program:

  • Develops sound skills and strategies for reading comprehension
  • Supports a balance of on-grade level and differentiated instruction
  • Provides in-the-moment teacher support to guide teachers and help them build students’ reading habits
  • Connects instruction to the standards across K–8 for a coherent path within and across grades

Get to Know Ready Reading

Grades K–1
Grades 2–5
Grades 6–8

Give Early Learners the Right Foundation

Ready Reading’s research-based programs help young learners meet the demands of today’s standards. The program helps emergent readers build their comprehension by offering rigorous instruction that is both reachable and developmentally appropriate.

Ready Reading Grade 1 Student Instruction Book.

Student Instruction Book

Teacher-led, read aloud instruction uses rich, authentic text from multiple subjects to help students develop the skills critical to reading success. The Student Instruction Book was designed to ensure young readers start with a strong foundation of important reading concepts. Students then practice applying these new reading skills through drawing, writing, and other activities that encourage them to use text-based evidence from the read alouds.

K-1 Ready Reading trade books.

Trade Books*

Using nine high-interest, read aloud trade books for each grade level, Ready Reading texts are carefully selected from within a range of genres to meet the rigor of the state standards. Texts include a balance of award-winning literary and informational books from acclaimed authors.

*Important: The K–1 trade books are a critical component of the K–1 Reading program because they hold the majority of the text students will encounter.

Ready Reading Grade 1 Teacher Resource Book.

Teacher Resource Book

This lesson-by-lesson teaching tool serves as a professional development resource to empower teachers and advance their instruction. The Teacher Resource Book supports teachers with tools and guidance right when they need it and delivers in-the-moment, easy-to-follow lesson support to help teachers strengthen their practice.

Laptop showing the Teacher Toolbox for English Language Arts.

Teacher Toolbox for English Language Arts

A perfect complement to Ready Reading, Teacher Toolbox for English Language Arts is a digital collection of K–8 instructional resources that supports educators in differentiating instruction for students performing on, below, or above grade level. Regardless of the grade they teach, subscribers get access to the full range of Ready Reading (Grades K–8) and Ready Writing (Grades 2–5) resources for all grade levels, in addition to multimedia content, discourse supports, and more. For Grades K–1, Teacher Toolbox also includes read aloud trade books to support close reading and projectable tutorials to further support skills development.

*For educators from K–12 educational institutions only.

Ready Raises Achievement

In a 2018 study, New York State students who had access to Ready books outperformed students who did not.


Reinforce Academic Talk

Use this four-part Ready routine to build vocabulary and comprehension.

Speech bubbles

Ready Reading gives you everything you need to be an effective teacher and to best help your students.”

—Teacher, Grades K–2, MS

Speech bubbles

“It is a strong resource that fits well into any reading lesson.”

—Teacher, Grades 3–5, NC

Encourage Discourse

Use Reading Discourse Cards to facilitate meaningful discussions around texts.

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