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Proven to Work

Research shows students perform better using Ready Mathematics. Ready Classroom Mathematics is the next evolution of the program.


Helping All Students Connect and Engage with Mathematics

Ready Classroom Mathematics is grounded in our philosophy that all students deserve equitable access to mathematics instruction. The program enables teachers to engage students and provides powerful teaching tools for strengthening conceptual understanding through a teacher-led, discourse-based routine. Ready Classroom Mathematics uses diagnostic data to provide teachers with a clear snapshot of each student’s understanding, allowing them to deliver on-level, intervention, and enrichment instruction.

Teaching Strategies to Inspire Young Mathematicians

Ownership in Learning

The discourse-driven Try–Discuss–Connect routine actively engages students in their learning by supporting them as they collaborate, discuss, and clarify strategies and concepts.

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Four students working together on Ready Classroom Mathematics with teacher in background.

Conceptual Understanding

Three types of multiday lessons—Understand, Strategy, and Math in Action—develop a deeper conceptual understanding of topics, help students make connections between concepts, and prepare students to apply them.

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Access and Equity

Teachers are empowered to connect concepts with students’ cultural backgrounds, creating additional opportunities for student participation and equitable learning.

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Integrating Effective Teaching Practices

The Ready Classroom Mathematics program recognizes that mathematical discourse is an incredibly valuable tool that allows students to deepen and demonstrate their understanding of underlying math concepts. But, it doesn’t just happen without a planned approach.

Teacher Moves That Engage Students in Discourse

Check out actionable tips to boost student engagement, avoid common pitfalls, and make the most of class time.

How Ready Classroom Mathematics Helps Teachers and Students

Ready Classroom Mathematics is a discourse-driven blended mathematics curriculum that enables all students to become independent mathematical thinkers and reasoners. Ready Classroom Mathematics provides instruction and activities that focus on academic language to help English Learners and all students develop content knowledge. Discover more about what we do.

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