Access and Equity

Committed to Accessibility

Dedicated to Creating Accessible Experiences 

At Curriculum Associates, we believe every student has the potential for educational excellence. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating accessible materials that maximize usability for students with disabilities.  We strive to ensure that accessibility and accommodation support considerations are incorporated into our product development process from the very beginning, and we’ve developed a continuous improvement approach to accessibility that ensures we’re always improving and learning.

Our Systematic Approach to Accessibility

Accessibility opportunities and expectations are continually evolving. To meet the needs of the students and the districts we serve, we engage in ongoing work to evaluate and improve our educational tools and resources. We have developed a systematic approach that includes:

Logos for WCAG and UDL.


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework guide our accessibility efforts. 

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Internal Expertise

Our team of experts is dedicated to finding new ways for our educational programs to be used by a diverse range of learners.

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External Review

We work with outside accessibility experts to ensure our thinking and approach reflect established and evolving best practices.

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Educator Guidance

We partner with districts to gather feedback and  insights that inform our approach.

“Our commitment to student accessibility is deep and ongoing. We are continuously evolving so that we can best serve all students. I am honored to partner with colleagues from across the company and the accessibility community at large to ensure that this commitment is reflected in our products.”  Allison Johnson, Senior Director of Accessibility at Curriculum Associates

Examples of Accessibility Features in Our Products

Below are highlights of some of our accessibility supports. This is only a sampling of the accessibility features we offer. For details on our full range of supports and accommodations, please contact your local Curriculum Associates educational consultant.

Screenshot of i-Ready Diagnostic with an enlarged audio icon.

Universal Audio Support

Students can click on an audio button to hear the text of a question and/or answer read aloud. This feature can be used to support read-aloud accommodations.

Image of a lesson video that includes closed captions.

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning displays text on a screen that aligns to audio that plays in a lesson. This example comes from the Family Resources section of i-Ready Classroom Mathematics.

Image of hands typing on a keyboard.

Keyboard Navigation

Students can interact with content by using the keyboard. When using keyboard navigation, a focus indicator appears around each element as the user tabs through the page.

Screenshot highlighting different accessibility features.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Student Bookshelf

Offers additional embedded accessibility features, including text-to-speech, printable output, zoom-in/zoom-out magnification, highlighting and note-taking capability, calculator, access to Digital Math Tools, and a multilingual glossary.

Want to Learn More?

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Contact Information

If you want to learn more about accessibility features and accommodations:

Educators: Contact your partner success manager or local Curriculum Associates educational consultant.

Families: Contact your student’s teacher or school leader.

Our Commitment to Access and Equity

Discover how we are striving to improve outcomes for all students.