Moving Forward: Learning with i‑Ready in 2020–2021

How i-Ready Will Support Teachers and Leaders during 2020–2021

Over the last few months, the i-Ready team has had a chance to talk to more than 100 district leaders about the challenges they face as they plan for the 2020–2021 school year. We explored their challenges, their reasons to be hopeful, and the tools they believe will be most important for success in the year ahead. Our whitepaper details what we learned from these conversations and how we arrived at the short list of tools we believe will be most valuable as educators set their students on a path to success this fall. The critical tools we identified are described below.


Multi-Grade Understanding of Student Needs

Nearly every child, even those previously working at grade level, will be missing some skills this fall. To understand their strengths and deficits, knowing a student’s percentile rank will not be enough to address gaps. i-Ready provides educators with a detailed, multi-grade understanding of students, uncovering both on- and off-grade level needs and detailing domain- and skill-level deficits.

DISTRICT: What Multi-Grade Understanding Looks Like

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CLASSROOM: What Multi-Grade Understanding Looks Like 

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Goals That Are Both Attainable and Ambitious

Old conventions like “a year’s worth of growth” or “the 50th percentile of growth” generally don’t help us understand whether or not students are closing in on the ultimate goal: grade-level work. Students can track to “average growth” for years and never close the gap to grade level. i-Ready’s student growth model uses two types of measures—Typical and Stretch Growth—to help educators understand growth relative to historic averages (Typical Growth) and set more ambitious “stretch” targets with grade-level proficiency as the ultimate goal (Stretch Growth).

Discover How i-Ready's Growth Model Helps All Students Get to Grade Level

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How the Kansas City School District Used Stretch Growth Goals to Set High Expectations for Every Learner

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Plans for Balancing Prerequisite and Grade-Level Learning

As teachers return this fall, they’ll face a painful dilemma: Most students are missing critical prerequisite skills, but all students need access to grade-level instruction to be successful in the long run, and yet there simply won’t be enough time to make up for lost learning in the spring and to cover every grade-level skill. That is why i‑Ready is releasing new reporting and resources that empower teachers to provide targeted, on-the-spot instruction that helps students build the most essential skills they need to be prepared for success in grade-level learning.

i-Ready Helps Educators Prepare Students for Grade-Level Instruction

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i-Ready Reading and Mathematics resources PDFs.

Explore i-Ready's Reading and Mathematics Resources That Support Prerequisite Skills

Download the Flyer: Reading | Mathematics

Instruction That Hits High Marks for Both Quality and Ease of Use

With greater learning gaps and less time to intervene, making the most of every instructional minute will be critical to student success. Beyond a high bar for quality, instructional resources need to precisely target the needs of individual students and be flexible enough to support learning wherever it takes place. i-Ready saves teachers time and optimizes class time by instantly providing a personalized instructional pathway for every learner, guided by i-Ready Assessment data. Motivating online lessons and supportive teacher-led resources engage students in their learning and encourage them to persist in building their skills, no matter whether learning happens at home or at school.

Resources for Educators

Advice from 100 Leaders

Learn what we heard about their Back to School challenges and how we can learn from them.

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