Inspire Potential beyond Expectation

Data-driven insights and next-level pedagogy come together to expand students’ learning potential with i-Ready and Corwin’s Professional Learning Services

Kick Off Your Strategy for Summer Planning

Join Professor John Hattie for a webinar to learn the crucial steps to take during the summer that will help you plan for an impactful and connected first month back to school.

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Create a Comprehensive Assessment and Learning Ecosystem for Educators and Students

Empower educators and accelerate student learning through a synergy of i-Ready’s clear assessment data and connected meaningful instruction with Corwin’s proven professional learning that revolutionizes the art of instruction.

Measure Your Impact with i-Ready

Through i-Ready’s deep, illuminating assessment data and intuitive reporting, teachers can see the impact of their instruction before and after professional learning, making effectiveness visible to both educators and K–12 leaders. i-Ready’s innovative design provides educators and students with the complete picture of student performance in one comprehensive system—educators feel prepared, confident, and supported as they guide students toward continued academic growth.

Reach New Heights of Instructional Excellence with Corwin

Corwin’s research-based consulting services help educators identify, develop, and implement the proven teaching practices that have the highest impact on student learning. Rooted in decades of research by award-winning education researcher and best-selling author Professor John Hattie, Corwin’s customized, ongoing professional learning and implementation journey transforms the pedagogy of all educators to provide effective changes in the classroom that increase student ownership of learning.

"Our aim is to help students exceed what they believe their potential is." Professor John Hattie, i-Ready Technical Advisor

Discover Solutions That Drive Impactful Learning

Accelerate Real Learning Growth with Clear Assessment-Led Instruction from i-Ready

i-Ready’s robust assessment data and targeted personalized instruction equip educators with powerful tools and knowledge to make strategic instructional decisions and deliver state-of-the-art pedagogy that leads to real learning growth. Teachers know where to focus and students become more capable and engaged with meaningful instruction that puts them on a path to exceed their potential.

  • Support every learner on their path toward grade-level success.
  • Connect instruction to clear, actionable, and intuitive data.
  • Measure your impact with intentional instruction.


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Deliver Targeted, Effective Instruction with Proven Professional Learning from Corwin

The greatest impact on student learning is possible when teaching and learning are visible. Corwin’s Professional Learning Consulting Services, including Visible Learning®+, empower educators to implement effective classroom and school community strategies that have the greatest influence on student growth and achievement.

  • Provide sustainable, job-embedded professional learning services.
  • Support educators in building the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and practices that empower student success.
  • Embed the best practices of Visible Learning into efficacy cycles across educator teams for consistent, high-impact instruction.


Meet Professor John Hattie, Our New Technical Advisor for i-Ready

Award-Winning Education Researcher

Professor John Hattie of the University of Melbourne, Australia developed the world’s largest evidence base after more than 30 years of research on what works best to improve learning. Dr. Hattie will act as a technical advisor for i-Ready to guide, build, and strengthen our development and research of i-Ready Assessment as we continue to innovate on where students are in their learning, what progress looks like, and how to determine next steps.


John Hattie.

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Corwin is the premier provider of professional learning products and services to help educators improve teaching and learning. Their research-based resources are authored by experts, like award-winning education researcher John Hattie, on the topics most relevant to education, with hands-on, practical guidance designed for educators at all stages of their careers.

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